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Chevrolet Impala: LS..remote start..I know all the LT models

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I currently own a 2007 LS Chevrolet Impala. It does not have remote start that I need . I know all the LT models have the reote start. I understand there is a module that can be connected to allow this All of the aftermakets come with their own remotes. I would like to upgrade to a gm factory remote and module.


Your vehicle will have to be remote start ready and have an automatic transmission in order to do this without going to an after market. If it is remote start ready, there is a GM kit that can be purchased. The kit is simply 2 new remotes that have the remote start button. The rest of the procedure is done by programing. This would have to be done at a dealer. If you don't know if your vehicle is remote start ready, I can look it up for you if you provide me with the vin #.



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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Butch's Post: Butch;
the vin # XXXXX XXXXX for the 2007 chevy impala ls.

Unfortunatly your car is not remote start ready. The option code for remote start ready is AP8. According to GM Dealerworld your car does not have this option. Cars with this option have a couple extra sensor and hardware needed to add a GM remote start. This is part of the GM bulletin that explains this.


The vehicle must have the extended range keyless entry option (AP8) for this kit to add remote vehicle start. Otherwise, the vehicle doesn't have the necessary hardware. (The hood ajar switch and associated wiring is not installed, and the remote control door lock receiver doesn't have the necessary antenna.) The vehicle must also be built with an automatic transmission. Adding remote vehicle start requires programming of the vehicle. This is done with a Service Programming System. The installer needs to call the Techline Customer Support Center (TCSC). The TCSC will provide a Vehicle Configuration Index (VCI). The VCI is good for only one specific Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).