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How do i remove a 1998 chevrolet brake booster

Customer Question

how do i remove a 1998 chevrolet brake booster
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  GMTechBernard replied 9 years ago.
  • Remove the master cylinder nuts.
  • Remove the master cylinder and bracket.
  • Disconnect the vacuum hose.

  • Remove the retainer.
  • Remove the stoplamp switch.
  • Remove the pushrod.

  • Remove four nuts.
  • Remove the booster assembly.
  • Remove the gasket.
  • Putting it back together is just the opposite. Make sure you verify the brake lamps work when done, since the brake switch was removed!

    Please let me know if you have additional questions!

    Customer: replied 9 years ago.
    Reply to GMTechBernard's Post: sorry this is not helping, there is something holding the brake booster in and i dont know where it is
    Expert:  GMTechBernard replied 9 years ago.

    Did you remove the four nuts on the inside of the firewall?

    Did you disconnect the pushrod from the brake pedal?

    Thats the only two things that may prevent it from coming off the firewall! Is it stuck to the fire wall, or will it pull away but not come out? The more info you give me, the better I can help you!

    Let me know!

    Customer: replied 9 years ago.
    Expert:  GMTechBernard replied 9 years ago.
    I cannot help you if you don't answer my questions! I cannot see what kind of issue you are running into, I have to rely on what you type, and all you have typed is that I'm not helpful! You did not tell me if the booster is stuck to the firewall, or perhaps is moving, just hung up on something. I do not know what you have already done, and you havn't given me much to work with. I can opt out and let another expert help you, but they will be in the same boat as me with the limited info on the situation, or you can work with me to help solve your problem. Choice is yours.
    Expert:  GMTechBernard replied 9 years ago.

    I just did another booster on a '98 suburban (same setup). After moving the master cylinder out of the way, disconnecting the brake pedal pushrod and removing the four nuts, all it took was a slight "tap" to break it free from the firewall gasket and it was off.

    If you still are having issues, I would like to help.