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99 Chevy Tahoe-changing water pump-what is involved ...

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99 Chevy Tahoe-changing water pump-what is involved step-by-step especially how to remove the fan clutch etc. The manuals don't give specifics that the mechanic experiences-give full benefit of experience or please don't answer.


Here is a technique that works well for the fan removal.

Leave the belt on for the moment. Find the longest chisel you can and a heavy hammer. Position the chisel along the left edge of the nut and hit it sharply with the hammer. The nut will break free rather easily and then spin right off. You can tighten it the same way.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Am waiting for delivery of KD Tools fan clutch wrench kit. How do I use the wrench-whats it put on and where does the wrench you use to hold the pump shaft (???)go to keep it from rotating so you can crack the fan clutch bolt loose?? Does this sound right? Also since the pump is heavy should I put the gasket on with sealant and let it sit before attaching the pump so it won't move while trying to put it in place?


This is probably what you bought from KD. Personally, I don't like them but some people do.The smaller wrench fits the fan nut. The larger one gets attached to a breaker bar and slips around the 10mm bolts that hold the pully on. That's how it holds it still. I think the chisel works much better but you can choose.

On the gaskets, what i do is first make sure you get the surface real clean of all the old gasket. I use a can of spray adhesive and cement the gasket to the water pump. When it's dry, I put a coat of rubber silicone on the engine side of the gasket and install it right away. Get all you bolts caught before tightening any.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Last question-want to use 140 amp alternator in place of the stock 100 amp alternator-would there be a wiring problem, would the alternator fit without problem, and if okay on both questions, would I only have to put a different size belt? Heard it all ways-need to hear it from a professional.
No, those alternators are generally not interchangeable. I believe it has completely different dimensions and brackets, pulley alignment etc.
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