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my 2002 chevy malibu keeps having the theft system kick ...

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my 2002 chevy malibu keeps having the theft system kick on so i end up having to sit with the key in the on position for 10 minute until the light stops flashing is there a way to disable my theft system
This antitheft system is incorporated in with the car's computer. There really is no way to disable the security system. The system can be repaired, or may even be able to be bypassed.

The most common failure in the antitheft system is the ignition lock cylinder. The body control module is getting an incorrect signal from the lock cylinder. Replacing the lock cylinder and going through the 10 minute re-learn that you have been already using should correct the problem.

I did some research on bypassing the system, and I will post a copy of the procedure that I found for you. It basically uses the same type of system that is installed in these cars when a remote start is installed to "fool" the antitheft system. Here's the procedure that I found:


The following is a procedure to bypass Passlock I or II
Systems for vehicles in which remote start/stop system
installations are required. This procedure is required
because a remote start system will not function with the
current Theft Deterrent System (Passlock) which is included
on many 1996 and up GM vehicles.

Please note that this modification is intended to be used
only in conjunction with the installation of a remote
start/stop system and does not provide a procedure to
install a remote start/stop system.

CAUSE If an attempt is made to start a vehicle by a means
other than a key rotation in the ignition switch, the Body
Control Module (BCM) will interpret this start as a vehicle
theft and disable the fuel injectors.

CORRECTION A minor wiring modification may be made to allow
the vehicle to be started remotely. This modification
includes adding a switch to allow the customer to select
"ON" to allow remote starting or "OFF" for normal Passlock

CAUTION: When this modification is performed and the switch
is set to the ON position, the theft deterrent feature will
be disabled. When the theft deterrent is disabled the
SECURITY/THEFT SYSTEM telltale will light up indicating
that the theft deterrent system is NOT functioning.

PASSLOCK MODIFICATION Refer to appropriate GM service
manuals and/or SVMQP Electrical Guideline Manual for
instruction on splicing and electrical connections. 1.
Select a suitable on-off switch (see note below) which will
be used to disable/ enable the Passlock System. Mount the
switch in a location such that it is accessible to the
driver and will not interfere with normal vehicle

NOTE: This is an extremely low current circuit (approx.
7mA), it is therefore very important that a high quality,
low energy, fast acting switch be utilized for this
application. 2. Turn the ignition switch to the OFF
position. 3. Locate the Main Ignition Switch Harness in the
Column. GM's Passlock System wires exit the Ignition Switch
Tumbler together and then join with the Main Ignition
Switch Harness. (See or and select your
Make, Model and Year for wire colors and clues on the
quickest way to access these wires.) 4. Locate the Yellow
Passlock Data Wire which is included in a bundle of three
tiny (20 GA) wires wrapped in friction tape. Cut this wire
and splice a 0.5mm2 (20 GA) yellow wire to each end of the
cut wire. Keep wire length to a minimum. Route modification
wires clear of moving parts.

Connect the yellow wires to the switch such that the
contacts are OPEN when the switch is in the ON position. 5.
Turn modification switch to the OFF postion (contacts
closed). 6. Start vehicle to verify normal operation. If
engine "cranks but will not start" recheck the switch
position (contacts should be closed), wire connectors and
modification wiring.


To enable remote start: Start the engine with the ignition
key (modification switch must be in the OFF position). Turn
modification switch to the ON position (contacts open). The
SECURITY/THEFT SYSTEM Telltale will light up indicating
that the Passlock System is inoperative. Once the
SECURITY/THEFT SYSTEM telltale has been on for at least 5
seconds the vehicle can be turned off and then remotely

To disable remote start: The Passlock System can be
reactivated by turning the modification switch OFF
(contacts closed). Vehicle can either be running or off
when this is done.

Please note that the VCM/PCM will record Diagnostic Trouble
Codes (DTCs) related to the security system when the
modification switch is in the ON position (circuit open).
This is due to the way that the VCM/PCM interprets this

NOTICE Any condition which removes battery power from the
Vehicle Control Module/Powertrain Control Module (VCM/PCM)
(e.g. dead battery, disconnected harness connectors, etc.)
will prevent the vehicle from being restarted. If the
engine exhibits a "cranks but will not start" symptom,
place the modification switch in the OFF (contacts closed)
position. This will reactivate the Passlock System and
allow the vehicle to be started with the ignition key.

Good luck and let me know if you have any more questions!
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