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2000 camaro: used..they disconnected the battery

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I have a 2000 camaro with the monsoon stereo with the single cd. I bought the car used and had some repair work done on it yesterday and they disconnected the battery. My stereo display now shows LOC. I do not have the code the prior owner can I get it unlocked and then I can follow the instructions in the owners manual to set a new code.
Have you retrieved the back up code from the radio? If not, I will need you to do that. Here is how. After you have the back up code, post it here and I can get you info on how to unlock it.

If the unit is in the locked condition (LOC is displayed), proceed to step 2. Otherwise, press and hold presets 1 and 4 for about 4 seconds. The display will show either SEC or ---.
Press and hold presets 2 and 3 for about 6 seconds until the first 3 digits of the display code are displayed. Write the numbers down.
Press the AM_FM button and the second 3 digits of scrambled code are displayed. Write the numbers down. The unit will revert to the initial display, prior to code retrieval sequence, after approximately 5 seconds or if another button is pressed.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to carhelp4uhere's Post: 1st three digits


second three digits


Ok your radio unlock code is 1761. Here is how to input the unlock code.

Press the HR button until the LOC disappears and OOO appears on the display.

Note: If the display does not change from LOC to 000 the unit is probably in the InOP stage, see Step G.

Set the first two digits (01-19) of the code with HR (hours) button.
Note: As if you're setting the time of day you will not see the 0 in the far left side. Example; if the first two digits of your code is 02 you will scroll with the HR button until 2 appears on the display.)
Set the next two digits (00-99) of the code with the MIN (minute) button.
Press the AM-FM button to enter the code. The radio will now be unlocked and the display will change to the clock. Continue with the following steps to deactivate the theft deterrent.

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