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goodwrench9124, ASE Certified Technician
Category: Chevy
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Experience:  Ase Master Certified, GM Master Certified Tech. Awarded GM Top performer, Hybrid certified
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oil capacity for 4wd 2.0L 2000 chevy tracker

Resolved Question:

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Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  goodwrench9124 replied 9 years ago.

Hello, and welcome to JA!! here is all the fluid capacities for your tracker.

I hope this info is helpful!!

Approximate Fluid Capacities





4-Speed Automatic Transmission (RPO M41)

  • Bottom Pan Removal

2.5 liters

2.6 quarts

  • Complete Overhaul (1.6 L)

6.9 liters

7.3 quarts

  • Complete Overhaul (2.0 L)

7.1 liters

7.5 quarts

5-Speed Manual Transmission (RPO M59)

  • Two-Wheel-Drive Models

1.9 liters

2.0 quarts

  • Four-Wheel-Drive Models

1.5 liters

1.6 quarts

  • Transfer Case (Four-Wheel-Drive Only)

1.7 liters

1.8 quarts

Axle Housing

  • Front

1.0 liters

1.1 quarts

  • Rear

2.2 liters

2.3 quarts

Cooling System Capacity

5.5 liters

5.8 quarts

  • 2.0L Engine

6.5 liters

6.9 quarts

Engine Crankcase

  • Without Filter Change 1.6L Engine

4.0 liters

4.2 quarts

  • Without Filter Change 2.0L Engine

5.0 liters

5.3 quarts

  • With Filter Change 1.6L Engine

4.2 liters

4.4 quarts

  • With Filter Change 2.0L Engine

5.2 liters

5.5 quarts

Fuel Tank

  • 2-Door Models

56.0 liters

14.8 gallons

  • 4-Door Models

66.0 liters

17.4 gallons

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
is that for oil capacity for an oil change?
Expert:  goodwrench9124 replied 9 years ago.

yes, the fluid cap. charts shows two specs, one with a oil filter change-5.5 quarts

without a oil filter change-5.3 quarts

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