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goodwrench9124, ASE Certified Technician
Category: Chevy
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Experience:  Ase Master Certified, GM Master Certified Tech. Awarded GM Top performer, Hybrid certified
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How do you replace chevy lumina door latch drivers door

Resolved Question:

how do you replace chevy lumina door latch drivers door
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  goodwrench9124 replied 9 years ago.
Hello, and welcome to JA!! what year?? and is this a front door or a rear door latch???
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
1998 front drivers door
Expert:  goodwrench9124 replied 9 years ago.

ok, here is the instructions,

Removal Procedure

  1. Remove the armrest pull cup mounting screw.
    Object Number: 293614  Size: SH

    Caution: Disconnect the power window switch when working inside the driver door. When operated, the Express Up/Down Feature allows the door window to move very quickly, without stopping, which could cause personal injury.

    Important: When removing a door trim panel or switch plate, the ignition switch must be in the OFF position. This will eliminate the possibility of shorting out the switch if a flat-bladed tool, awl or metal object is used to remove the switch from the harness.

    Important: Use protective coating/tape at the point of insertion of the flat surface tool.

  2. Remove the pull cup from the inner trim panel.

    Use a flat-bladed tool.

  3. Disconnect the electrical connector.

Removal Procedure

    Object Number: 293531  Size: MH

  1. Remove the front door inside handle bezel screw (5).
  2. Remove the inside handle bezel (4) from the trim panel.
  3. Disconnect the electrical connector, if equipped.

Removal Procedure

  1. Remove the window regulator handle, if equipped.
  2. Remove the inner trim panel screw at the retractor cover opening
  3. Remove the power window switch
  4. Remove the inside handle bezel.
    Object Number: 293543  Size: MH

  5. Remove the front door inner trim panel screws (3).
  6. Carefully lift the trim panel upwards in order to release the top portion of the inner trim panel (1).
  7. Pull the trim panel toward you to remove the trim panel from the door.
  8. Disconnect all necessary electrical connectors.
  9. Remove the outside mirror remote control cable, if equipped.

The front door locks use the fork bolt lock design which includes a safety interlock feature. The door is secured in a closed position when the door lock fork bolt engages the striker. Lock the doors from the inside by sliding the lock knob rearward. The door may also be locked by using the key.

Important: Do not attempt repairs in order the correct lock discrepancies. Replace the lock.

Removal Procedure

  1. Remove the trim panel.
  2. Remove the energy absorber pad (coupe only.
  3. Remove the water deflector.
  4. Cut off the outside handle rod-to-lock clip from the lock.

    Use side cutters.

  5. Unscrew the remainder of the clip from the outside handle rod.
  6. Discard the clip.
    Object Number: 294313  Size: MH

  7. Remove the inside handle rods (3,4) from the door handle.
    Object Number: 294312  Size: MH

  8. Remove the lock assembly bolts (5).
  9. Remove the lock assembly and rods.
  10. Remove the inside handle rod from the lock.
  11. Remove the locking rod from the lock.
  12. Disconnect the electrical connectors.
  13. Remove the lock (4).
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