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199 chevy Blazer: sputters..loses power..drops

Customer Question

My 199 chevy Blazer loses pwer while accelerating. it sputters and then loses power and the speed drops to about 20mph.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  scottyfum replied 9 years ago.

Hi, how are you?I just need to ask you a few minor questions and I will get you on the right track to getting this problem solved. How many miles on the vehicle? Have you any any work done recently as far as tune parts,plugs,fuel filter etc.? Does it backfire or ping when you are accelerating hard? Does it have a muffled type sound under load? It is either a air flow problem,fuel supply problem or a restricted exhaust. We will isolate once you give me some information. Thanks. Scott

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I just bought the vehicle 3 days ago. it has 123,000 miles on it. As far as what has been done to it im not to sure. The dealership I bough it from said it ran just fine. And it did run fine until I tried to drive back to college with it. Im not sure if you could call the sound it makes a backfire its more of a sputter. Its like the same sound a car makes when its running out of gas our not getting enough gas.
Expert:  scottyfum replied 9 years ago.





Well, the first step to take would be to replace the fuel filter and check your air filter. These are inexpensive repairs that could cause that problem. If that doesn't solve it you need to have your fuel pressure checked. It should be around the 55 psi range. If fuel pressure is o.k. you may have a Cat. converter that plugged up. To isolate your converter you have to disconect your exhaust right from the engine and go for a ride and see if there is power. The three main things that I have had problems with your exact problem are fuel pumps,restricted cat. converters, and faulty mass air flow sensors. These are the most common for that complaint. Distributer caps also should be replaced about every 50000 miles. The problem is you have no history so it might take a bit of time to isolate this problem, but I think we can do it. If you are happy with my responce positve feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Scott





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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Ya the fuel filter was my first though but I wanted to get advice before I went taking stuff apart you know. I know how to do most of that stuff you lifted the only thing I would need help with is the Cat converter I havent dealt with those very much
Expert:  scottyfum replied 9 years ago.
Start with the fuel filter and I will help you from there.

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