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10 blazer: I loosen the rear parking brake shoes..2005 chevy..rotors

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How do I loosen the rear parking brake shoes on my 2005 chevy s-10 blazer? I am trying to change the rear rotors.

Hello, and welcome to JA!!! there is really no way to back off the rear park shoes. there is a adjustment for the park shoe, but can only access after the rotor is removed!!! if the rotors is stuck, trying tapping on the rotor with a hammer!!! sometimes during removal of rear rotors, the park brake shoe's will get damaged. it is always a good idea to replace the rear park shoes, while working the rear brakes!!!

Rear Brake Rotor Replacement

Removal Procedure


    Object Number: 748566  Size: SH

    Notice: Support the caliper with a piece of wire to prevent damage to the brake line.

    Important: Do not disconnect the brake hose from the caliper.

  1. Remove the brake caliper.
    Object Number: 799895  Size: SH

  2. Remove the brake pads.
    Object Number: 748570  Size: SH

  3. Remove the brake caliper mount. Object Number: 357057  Size: SH

  4. Remove and dispose of the sheet metal rotor retainers.
    Object Number: 357011  Size: SH

  5. Remove the brake rotor.
  6. Inspect the brake rotor.
  7. Refinish the brake rotor if necessary. .
  • Remove the rear brake caliper and bracket assembly. Object Number: 748573  Size: SH

  • Remove the rear brake rotor.
  • Using denatured alcohol, clean the park brake shoe assembly.
  • Using non-lubricated, filtered compressed air, dry the park brake shoe assembly.
    Object Number: 370485  Size: SH

  • Slide the park brake shoe (2) down until it is disengaged from the hold down spring (3).
  • Lift the shoe (2) away from the backing plate and slide the shoe up, off of the actuation mechanism (1).
  • Remove the shoe (2) over the axle flange and from the vehicle.
  • Turn the adjustment screw to the fully home position in the notched adjustment nut, then back it off 1/4 turn.
  • Align the slots in both the adjusting screw and tappet to be parallel with the backing plate face.
  • Using denatured alcohol, clean the rear backing plate of dirt and foreign materials.
  • Using non-lubricated, filtered air, dry the backing plate.

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