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2002 pontiac Grand Am SE: wheel drive..inspection

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I have a 2002 pontiac Grand Am SE w/2.2L ecotec engine. The car has been making a growling noise which sounds like nobby tires on a four wheel drive truck. Upon inspection--it only does it when the car is in gear, and moving. The sound is directly proportional to how fast the vehicle is moving. It is coming from the front of the vehicle. We took off the wheels and put the car on jackstands. It still makes the noise when in gear and is still proportional to how fast it (would be) moving. It sounds like it is coming from the transmission, in the general area of the inboard CV. It does not appear to be the CV, because if you hold the rotor in place (either side, one at a time) with the vehicle in gear so that the driveaxle isn''t turning it still makes the noise. It shifts and otherwise drives fine. Both the service engine and trac off indicator lights on the dash are on whether the traction system (ETS) button is pushed in or not. Not sure which automatic transaxle model it has.
It sounds like a bearing is worn inside the transmission. It could be a roller bearing or possibly something wrong inside the transmission carrier assembly. Either way I would take the car to a transmission shop and have the noise/concern accurately diagnosed. Definitely find a reputable shop and alot of transmission shops give free estimates (make sure you get everything in writing down to the parts, labor and applicable warranties when done).
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Dan's Post: If it is the roller bearing is this something I can do without removing the transmission from the vehicle? I have replaced transaxles before, but if I have to pull the engine and transaxle out I'll probable let someone else do it, if for no other reason than the warranty. Thanks for your help. Just wanted to clarify.
This sounds like something that needs to have the transmission torn down and examined. If metal pieces got into the oil it's touched all the bearings and clutch material. In that case severe damage may have ocurred to several pieces. I wouldn't attempt to remove anything unless you are a qualified trans. tech and know what you're looking for.
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