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mastertechtim, A.S.E. Certified Master Technician
Category: Chevy
Satisfied Customers: 133
Experience:  Graduated with Honors from G.M. A.S.E.P. Program. 10 yrs Chevrolet Tech 3 yrs Foreman.
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2000 chevy impala: power steering..flush..the rack dosent..leaking

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2000 chevy impala power steering resivore was low and the fluid was black added fluid noise stoped do i need to flush the power steering system or replace the rack dosent appear to be leaking thanks mike c.
mike my guess is there is a small leak in the system, most likely seeping from the high pressure hose or leaking at the low side return hose at the pump from a loose hose clamp. every power steering system this age is going to have dark power steering fluid, i cant tell you why but they all do. will it adversely affect the power steering system, no. is the rubber seal on the reservoir cap swolen? if it is then you might have a problem but it most likely is not. the good thing is a small power steering leak can usually last for years without needing repairs. keep an eye on the level and if it stays full do not worry about it. hope this helps.
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