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Category: Chevy
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Experience:  Plus 40 years GM, over 30 certified with Chevrolet, ASE certified Master Tech. (Expired, Retired)
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2004 gmc: 2500 off and it wont start back up i checked..park

Customer Question

i have a 2004 gmc 2500hd 6.0gas wont turn over the battery is good 38000 miles i just shut it off and it wont start back up i checked to b sure its in park
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  Bob replied 9 years ago.
Hello, if you are sure the battery is up the first thing to check would be the fuses, especially in the under hood fuse block, there is one that is a "crank" fuse, 10 amp. If the fuses are good you will need to test the purple wire at the starter solenoid for voltage. Use a 12 volt test light or a volt meter and see if there is voltage to the small purple wire on the solenoid when the key is turned to the start position. If you have voltage there and also at the battery cable terminal on the solenoid at the same time, the starter is bad. If you are not getting voltage there, we will need to back track the system to test for an open circuit anyplace between the starter, relay, nuetral safety switch and ignition switch. Let me know what you find. However, if you have an issue with the security light coming on, we have a different kind of problem. Thanks
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
i checked the vfuse and it was good i turned the key it didnt start itried it again and it started it wont start all afternoon whats up
Expert:  Bob replied 9 years ago.
Good chance you have a starter motor going bad on it, but it would be better if you could test it when it is acting up. Maybe take a test light and a small hammer with you when you drive it. Sometimes when they act up you can just give the starter a tap and the slight jolt will make them work again for a while. Let me know. Thanks for the accept also. Follow ups are included if you need them. Thanks
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
thanks alot for your help i learned alot in just short time
Expert:  Bob replied 9 years ago.
My pleasure. Thanks for the accept and for using JA