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I bought the spring-lock coupling tool to remove the A/C ...

Customer Reply

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I bought the spring-lock coupling tool to remove the A/C lines from the inlets/outlets from the heater core on a 1997 Grand Cherokee Laredo. However, I do not know how it works. Can you explain to me the process in which I need to do to get the A/C lines off?
Expert:  Steve replied 9 years ago.

Sure; disconnecting the spring lock couplers is not too difficult, once tou see how the process works.

First, spray some WD40 or similiar light penetrating oil into each coupler; this makes the disassembly process easier. Then if possible rotate the 2 components in opposite directions, twisting them to make sure they are as free as possible.

Now, take the tool and place it around teh smaller part of the line, so that the lip on the tool is facing the open side of the coupling. Press the tool into the coupling untill it is completely seated; this is expanding the round garter spring inside the coupling that holds it together.

While holding the tool in place, gently pull the coupling apart using a twisting motion if possible.

When reassembling this type of coupler, always install new O-rings of the proper type, new garter springs, and lubricate the O-rings with mineral based refrigeration oil before snapping it back together.


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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Now, there is a circle piece that is over the two pipes coming together, is that the break off point? And, does the tool go over this so you use the tool to pull back on?