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roadsidejerry, auto mechanic
Category: Chevy
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Experience:  Auto Mechanic 39 years, 30 with NYPD Fleet Service Division
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Itisprobablytheunder hoodrelay youarehearing.You..diagram..circuit

Customer Reply

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
My ''01 Chevy Venture will not start. Battery is fully charged. "Change Engine Oil" reminder light is on. "Service Engine Soon" light is on. All lights inside and out function normally. But one the keys are turned to start, a single low volume click is heard and theres dead silence. I''m approx. 1100 miles past oil change.
Expert:  roadsidejerry replied 9 years ago.
Hello Jackie Ashley, If your sure the battery is good,and you connections are clean and tight,your problem is the starter. You may be able to get it to start, if you hit the starter lightly with a hammer as an assistant attempts to start the engine, this will sometimes get the defective starter to spin and start the engine.The check engine light will have to be checked with a scan tool code reading,the change engine oil message and being 1000 miles over due for an oil change should not have caused a problem,as long as the oil level is correct.Jerry
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Tapping the starter didn't help. R&R the starter. Starter is good. The van only has 56K miles.
Expert:  roadsidejerry replied 9 years ago.

Hello Jackie Ashley, I would make sure you are getting the trigger signal to the starter as a first test. You can check for voltage at the small terminal on the starter when you have a helper turn to start. You can also try to jump the starter,from the large terminal that has the battery connection on the starter to the small terminal that has the trigger wire on the starter,the engine should then crank if the battery is good and the positive and ground connections are ok. Here is a picture of where to jump.Just make sure the truck is in park,with the brake set when trying this.


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
No voltage at small terminal. Starter cranks when shorted, but will not start.
Expert:  roadsidejerry replied 9 years ago.

graphicgraphicgraphicgraphicgraphic graphicgraphic

Expert:  roadsidejerry replied 9 years ago.

Ashley,Since you are hearing a click, It is probably the under hood relay you are hearing.You will have to check for power coming in to it on the red wire ,and then out on the purple wire, when the key is turned to start. You will see by the diagram I am sending that there is also a signal from the engine computer that is used to control the staritng circuit. The testing asks that a scan tool be used that can determine if you are getting a crank request form the ignition switch. I believe with the diagram and testing info you should be able to find the problem with out that.Try to determine if the relay is working by following the tests and using the diagram. problem, trying to send the last part of the info,problem with the system,I hope what I sent is good enough for you to find the problem.