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Chevy: ton..diesel..this truck, and have already put about $4,

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Hi, we have a 1995 6.5 chevy 1-ton diesel dump truck. We bought this truck over the internet, and was lied to about everything on this truck, and have already put about $4,000.00 into it. It''s been a nightmare. We have been told that this truck probally needs an injection pump now. The truck dies on us, is running rough,and puts black smoke out the exhaust. When it runs, it runs pretty good. It will either run good, or really bad. We just got it out of the shop today again, they told us it was running great and charged us $300.00 . They replaced the fuel pump and put in a new filter. We took it out of town 20 miles, and it started runnig rough and died on us a few times, We didn''t know if we would make it back to town or not, but finally did. We were told a rebuilt electronic injector pump with labor would be $2,000.00.We are devastated and can''t afford that. We have tried everything, we have put injector cleaner in the tank.Do you have any ideas? Desperate in Wyoming,Please help.


My first guess is that there is an excessive amount of debris in the fuel tank. Now, even with new filters, the smaller particles can pass right through and result in a plugged injector. If it is possible I would drain the fuel, into a clean container of some sort, using the plug in the bottom of the tank. If it has one. And then thoroughly flush the tank out. If it does have a plug in the bottom, you can use a garden hose with water to flush it, just make sure you allow it to dry COMPLETELY before refilling it with diesel. And if you do find alot of debris (rust, dirt, etc.) even after you flush it out it will take a while for the injectors to clean up and run right. Hopefully they haven't become damaged.

Hope this helps.... Let me know, please.....


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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to MasterTechMerlin's Post: Hi, thank you for your response. We will try it, I sure hope it works. How would the truck act if we did need to replace the injection pump? Do you think the problem could be the injection pump? The truck only has 94,000 on it, but was never taken care of and came from back east and has significant rust underneath from salt damage.Yesterday when we picked our truck up from the shop, they told us it was running really good, after we drove it out on a country, bumpy road, it staarted acting up and died on us and ran real rough again. So maybe, your theory is right. I really appreciate your advise and I hope you will respond one more time to this letter. I will accept this answer and will do what I can extra if you reply back. Have a good one, thanks again. We really need something good to happen for us,we really struggle this time of year.            Bonnie