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ihave 1998 4x4 giving code p0452 ,p0430 how do I fix so it will start?

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Ihave 1998 4x4 giving code p0452 ,p0430 how do I fix so it will start?


DTC P0430 - Three Way Catalytic converter Low effciency Bank 2 (this code should not affect starting, unless converter is 100% clogged)

Possible causes:

  • catalytic converter failure
  • Post-converter O2 sensor faulty
  • short/open in O2 sensor pigtail or wiring harness
  • damaged converter(severe discoloration caused by excessive temperatures, dents)
  • exhaust leak between exhaust manifold & catalytic converter

DTC P0452 - Fuel tank pressure sensor- low voltage

Possible causes:

  • Faulty fuel tank pressure sensor
  • open/short in wiring harness between pressure sensor & VCM
  • Faulty VCM

Below is diagnostic testing for both codes. You need to address DTC P0452 code first. In order to do full testing in order to determine problem you will need a DVOM(digital voltmeter) and a level 2 diagnostic scanner.Most of the testing can be done with the DVOM. I strongly urge doing the diagnostic troubleshooting before replacing parts. It can just as easily be a short/open in wiring as a faulty part.

Diagnostic testing for DTC P0430:


Testing Procedure for DTC P0452:




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