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Have a 1989 caprice classic. removed steering wheel for ...

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Have a 1989 caprice classic. removed steering wheel for replacement of turn signal switch.came to a plastic cover separating the switch from the wheel. Cannot figure for the life of me How to remove this cover. Please help ASAP. THANKS


Hereis the procedure for a 1990 caprice it should work ...your problem is there is a retainer spring around steering shaft and you will nee a compressor to push plate down to remove retainer see below...check with local parts stores may have in their tool rental or loaner program.....any questions just ask




See Figures 1 through 5

Click image to see an enlarged view
Fig. 1: Steering wheel shaft retaining ring removal


Click image to see an enlarged view
Fig. 2: Upper shaft component removal - with tilt wheel


Click image to see an enlarged view
Fig. 3: Turn signal and hazard switch removal


Click image to see an enlarged view
Fig. 4: Coil assembly removal - with Air Bag system


Click image to see an enlarged view
Fig. 5: Removing turn signal switch assembly

1990 Caprice

  1. Turn the wheels of the vehicle to the straight-ahead position and set the ignition to LOCK. Disconnect the negative battery cable.

  2. Remove the steering pad attaching screws. Lift pad up and remove the horn lead by pushing in on the insulator and turning counterclockwise.

  3. Remove the nut retainer and nut, and remove steering wheel with suitable puller. Remove the shaft lock cover.

  4. Depress the shaft lock using tool J-23653 or equivalent. Remove the shaft lock retaining ring, the shaft lock and the shaft lock cover.

  5. Remove the turn signal canceling cam and spring assembly. It may be necessary to turn the multifunction lever to the RIGHT TURN position. Remove the upper bearing spring, seat and inner race.

  6. Rotate multifunction lever to the RIGHT TURN position and remove the screw and multifunction lever actuator arm.

  7. Remove the wiring protector and hazard knob. Disconnect the switch wire connector at the lower end of the steering column.

  8. Remove screws attaching the switch to the housing. Pull the switch out. If equipped with cruise control, the wiring harness will have to be carefully pulled up through the gearshift lever bowl of the steering column. If wires must be pulled through the column, attach a length of mechanic's wire to the connector to aid in reassembly.

To install:

  1. Gently pull the wiring harness through the steering column.

  2. Attach turn signal switch to the housing using screws. Tighten to 30 inch lbs. (3.4 Nm).

  3. Using screw, attach the multifunction lever. Tighten screw to 20 inch lbs. (2.3 Nm).

  4. Install the inner race, upper bearing seat and upper bearing spring.

  5. Install the turn signal canceling cam.

  6. Using tool J-23653-B or equivalent, depress the shaft lock and install the shaft lock retaining ring.

  7. Attach the shaft lock cover and steering wheel.

  8. Tighten steering wheel retaining nut to 30 ft. lbs. (41 Nm) and attach nut retainer.

  9. Attach the horn lead in cam tower by pushing inward and turning clockwise.

  10. Attach steering pad with attaching screws and connect the negative battery cable.


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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Is there any subsitute tool or tools for the J-23653-B?


That is just the GM part number look nat the first pic....they make a cheaper model and sell it at parts stores......let me look for a part # XXXXX company named lisle tools makes one.....give me a min.....

Hey I looked but can't find....just explain to a good parts guy (not a burger flipper reject)what you are doing and if possible print out the pic I sent,,,theyb will know what you need...this ain't rocket science and that tool has been around for over 30 to a good parts guy...and it is a fairly cheap tool......let me know