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2003 Chevy silverado 2500: V8..pickup..transfer case..the assembly #

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Hi there, I have a 2003 Chevy Silverado 2500HD 4X4, V8, 6.6L;turbo diesel pickup. I am trying to get a new (used) transfer case and on the ID tag off my truck it has: Model #261XHDGM, Assembly #12573381, Serial #103102G2, option code MN8 or MT1, AT, floor shift, 4 speed. Every place that I find that has one the model # XXXXX everything the same except they do not have an X and the first 4 numbers on the assembly # XXXXX the same, the last 4 are different, the serial # XXXXX XXXXX exceipt for the last 2, and everything else is the same. I have a few questions. 1. What does the X mean in the model #? 2. How important does the rest of the mail mean? When I counted the splines the one with the X has more splines. Any help that you have regarding this I would appreciate
Is there any chance whatsoever, that the "X" isn't an "S"??? I show a 261LD, 261HD1, 261HD2 and a 261SHD I know its a stretch, but so far, have been unsucsessful in finding an XHD. I'll keep looking though, can you double check that for me?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to GMTechBernard's Post: Hi Bernard,
Thank you for getting back with me. I rechecked the number, and I can see it clearly because it is not on my truck, but on my work bench in the garage. It is clearly an 261XHDGM. The VIN # XXXXX XXXXX If you need any further info. let me know. I have to go to work but I will check my mail this afternoon. Thank you again for all your time so far.
So far, what I can establish is the SHD/XHD refers to input spline count, output spline count and output diameter. If you search for rebuild kits, they list SHD and XHD together. I'm still trying to establish if they are indeed the same.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to GMTechBernard's Post: Hi Bernard,
I have read your reply and the input spline count is 29 and the output spline count is 31 and the output diameter is 1.61 inches if this helps any. I can not use a rebuilt kit because my case has a whole in it. So I am trying to find a used transfer case and the one that I got was 261HDGM and it doesn't fit. I just need to know how to tell them which one is the correct one since nobody lists anything with an X in it.
Thank you
So far, everything I have found indicates that a 261SHD and 261XHD are the same. The SHD has a 29/31 spline count as well.
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