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1994 GM: The interior dome light and cargo light

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The interior dome light and cargo light on my 1994 GM 1500 are not lighting. The map lights and the brake light do work, as do the courtesy lights. I think I have isolated the problem to the white wire which runs from the dome light under the dash. The orange wire conducts power, but the white is dead. The wiring appears to be in good condition and I can not find any breaks. All bulbs and switches are working. Is there something else to check in order to fix this? How do I repair this problem?

Hello, the white wire is the ground circuit for the dome lights. there are two door switches mounted on each side of the dash. these switches ground the dome light circuit to cause the dome light to work


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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to goodwrench9124's Post: The switches appear to work, both courtesy lights function properly. All lights function properly with the exception of the dome lights. So, where is the "drop" in the connection that is causing this light to fail?
let me make sure i am understand you correctly. the courtesy lights work when you open the doors, but the dome light wont work with the doors?? is this a crew cab?????? will the dome light work with the dimmer over ride switch????
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Sorry for our delay! YOur email dumped to spam the second time and wasn't noticed.

Yes, crew cab. Yes, all lights work. dome light does not come on with over ride switch either. The only other light that is not lighting is the cargo light for the box. All bulbs are good, we have checked that. Have traced the wires and find no breaks anywhere.
Ok, i show two wiring diagrams for your truck, do you have a factory overhead console?????? and do you have a voltmeter or a test light that we can make some checks with???
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
No overhead console. Yes we have a test light. During the day, found a break in wiring under driver's door kickplate--funny that any light would work at all!

so is everything ok now?? or do the dome lights still not work??

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
It seems as though the problem is solved. thank you so much for your time. We had looked and looked and could not find the drop in the connections, and figured we must be missing something. Now we have to go and put the whole truck back together!!!!

Great!!! glad you got your problem corrected.


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