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2004 Silverado 1500: cabin filter..a 4.8 V8? It

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How do I install a cabin filter in a 2004 Silverado 1500 4x4 WT with a 4.8 V8? It's reported to be a single, approximately 9.5"x 10.5" x 1" filter.

My truck does not appear to provide me with a visible site under the dash on the passenger side to unfasten a clip and swing a door aside as every guide depicts; but there is a compartment shape about this size observable end-on with no clear evidence of a door or even a seam in the plastic.

Hi, This vehicle does not have a factory installed Cabin Air Filter


This Article has been updated by bulletin #PIT3330, dated December 22, 2004.

A customer may inquire about the availability of the passenger compartment air filter.

Starting in 2003 model year, the passenger compartment air filter is no longer available as a factory option. With the redesigned HVAC case, there is no longer a cavity for the filter. The GM parts catalog indicates there is a replacement filter available; however, there is no provision for it.

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Customer: replied 10 years ago.
The part is available from many vendors, yet there is no provision for the filter. Is that correct?
Hi, yes you are correct , thats why I sent the service bullitin to show you that there was a change in the ac case that doesn't have the option , sorry to say, thanks