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where is the jack located in a Chevy Avalanche Truck

Customer Question

We have a flat tire and cannot find the jack in our new Avalanche. HELP!
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  Carhelp4u replied 10 years ago.

Here is the specs on where everything is at. Good luck!

The jack and the wheel blocks are located under a cover near the passenger side rear seat.

To remove the jack and wheel blocks, do the following:

    FIGURE Rear Seat (Passenger Side) Jack Cover(c)

    Object Number: 805432  Size: B2

  1. Remove the jack cover by turning the two wing nuts one-quarter turn counterclockwise and pulling the jack cover off.

      Object Number:(NNN) NNN-NNNN Size: B4

      - Wheel Blocks
      - Knob
      - Wing Nut
      - Retaining Hook
      - Jack
      - Jack Head
      - Mounting Bracket
  2. Release the jack (E) from the mounting bracket (G) by turning the knob (B) on the jack counterclockwise to lower the jack head (F) from the mounting bracket.
  3. Remove the wheel blocks (A) attached to the jack (E) by turning the wing nut (C) counterclockwise. Place the wheel blocks where needed as indicated in the previous Caution.

The tools for changing a flat tire are located in the passenger's side Top-Box storage unit.

To remove the tools, do the following:

  1. Open the top door on the passenger's side Top-Box Storage unit. Use the ignition/door key to unlock it if it is locked. See Top-Box Storage for more information on the Top-Box Storage unit.

    FIGURE Top-Box Storage Unit (Passenger Side)(c)

    Object Number: 807155  Size: B3

  2. Remove the black pouch from the storage box. You now have all of the tools you will need to lower the spare tire and change a flat.

You'll use the XXXXX XXXXXdle extensions and the wheel wrench to remove the underbody-mounted spare tire.

  1. Object Number: 807151  Size: B4

    Spare Tire (Valve Stem Pointed Down)
  2. Hoist Assembly
  3. Hoist Cable
  4. Tire Retainer
  5. Hoist Shaft
  6. Hoist End of Extension Tool
  7. Hoist Shaft Access Hole
  8. Wheel Wrench
  9. XXXXX XXXXXdle Extensions
  10. Hoist Lock (If Equipped)

Follow these instructions to lower the spare tire:

  1. Your vehicle may be equipped with a hoist lock (J). Open the spare tire lock cover on the bumper and use the ignition key to remove the lock.
    Object Number: 805764  Size: B2

  2. Assemble the wheel wrench (H) and the two XXXXX XXXXXdle extensions (I) as shown.
    Object Number: 805774  Size: A3

    Insert the hoist end (open end) (F) of the extension through the hole (G) in the rear bumper.

  3. Be sure the hoist end of the extension connects to the hoist shaft (E). The ribbed square end of the extension is used to lower the spare tire.
  4. Turn the wheel wrench (H) counterclockwise to lower the spare tire to the ground. Continue to turn the wheel wrench until the spare tire can be pulled out from under the vehicle. If the spare tire does not lower to the ground, the secondary latch is engaged causing the tire not to lower. See "Secondary Latch System" later in this section.
    Object Number: 805763  Size: A2

  5. The wheel wrench has a hook that allows you to pull the hoist cable towards you to assist in reaching the spare tire.
    Object Number: 807153  Size: A2

  6. When the tire has been lowered, tilt the retainer (D) at the end of the cable so it can be pulled up through the wheel opening.
  7. Put the spare tire near the flat tire.