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Chevy: allison what part should replace

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I have codes po700,po872,po875 on a cheve 2500 6.6 with allison what part should replace?
How often do you drive this truck?
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
two days a week . I clear codes and shift find until I shift into reverse then codes come back.
These codes actually pertain to a bulletin about the torque converter draining. What year is your truck, and could you posibbly post the last 8 digits of you vin number.
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
2E240661   2002
There are actually three different bulletins about the codes you are stating. Do you notice any strange shifting? Delayed, slipping or anything that dosen't feel right?
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
it delay when it goes in reverse and drive not smooth, when code are in . if code are clear then it drive find , it might take two time in revere before codes pick again .

You have alot to look at to cure this problem. Line pressures are the most important. Unfortunatley it is not as easy as replacing a part and it working correctly. My concern is that there is a bulletin about installing a pressure valve and spring to deter the torque converter from leaking down. These codes are all pressure related with the exception of the p0700. The p0700 is a code that really says that the transmission control module has set the check engine light. My question is if the truck runs good until you leave it set. Is it upon resarting that it creates the check engine light and does not run correctly? If this is what happens then I would have to say that here is your problem. Your truck fits the bulletin. I do not want to steer you wrong though. You can check for the exact problem, but it goes into alot of details. Like I stated before, you must first measure line pressure the other steps that you will need to do to accuratley diagnose go into checking to see if solenoids are opening and closing, but with a scan tool. I am not sure of your ability or what you have available to diagnose this properly. Like I stated before you will not be able to just replace a part and fix this. There are some serious diagnostics to go through first to be sure. I would be happy to help you through them if you would like. I can also send you the info on the bulletin and how to daignose each code if you would like. If you post your email address or pm it to me I can get that info for you! Let me know, I just am not sure how far you would like to go to find this problem.

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Customer: replied 10 years ago.
I used a scan tool and it said senor switch E was stuck close I look codes on web and I didnt see circuit e po872 . I thought I wood replace that switch e [email protected]

Check you email and you should see 4 emails from me. I hope they help you understand it better. Its an indepth diagnosis. The bulletin will be the last email. Let me know what you think. I just don't want to see you throw your money away. By the way you will not be able to access the links!