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Steve, Service Manager
Category: Chevy
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2001 tahoe: first time in changing spark plug and wire..mirage

Customer Question

first time in changing spark plug and wire in 2001 tahoe. any suggestion on product to spoose performance and milage
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  Steve replied 10 years ago.


As a professional, my advice would be to stay far away from the flashy aftermarket products that are hyped up to increase mileage and perfromance; most times these types of products actually have the opposite effect.

When engineers design the ignition system on your vehicle, they design it to be reliable, provide the best perfromance under a wide range of conditions, and of course to give the best fuel ecponomy possible (this is a driving force in automotive design at the new vehicle manufacturer level due to having to meet stringent federal regulations).

Simply put, fancy spark plugs with multiple or unusually shaped electrodes, "racing" plug wire sets made in bright colors, and other similiar products just do not work as advertised. They might run the same as the original equipment design, but that is about it; if design engineers could squeeze another 1mpg or 2 more horsepower out of an engine by plugging on parts like this, they would do so at the factory.

Plug wires in particular are a veryu critical component; tehy must be the exact same type and design as the origianl ones, and tgeh exact same length to fit into the looms (holders) without having a foot of extra wire hanging out to rub through on underhood components. Spark plug wire tyep and routing is critical on modern computer controlled engines; if a wire is routed improiperly or has too much RF interference it can interfere with operation of sensitive computer circuits in the vehicle.

I would suggest installing a set of original equipment AC-Delco plugs and wires to replace the ones you got with the vehicle when it was new. These actually cost less than most of the fancy brightly colored aftermarket parts, will fit perfectly, and will make the vehicle run as it did when it was new. This is why when you take your vehicle in to a professional competent repair shop you will find they very rarely sell "perfromance" parts to their customers; after a few bad expereinces of having other problems caused by such parts you just learn from experience to stay with what weas designed for the vehicle from the factory.

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Expert:  Steve replied 10 years ago.


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