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Michael, Auto technician
Category: Chevy
Satisfied Customers: 919
Experience:  21 years Foriegn and Domestic driveability diagnosis and repair.Fuel injection specialist.ASE Cert.
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Customer Question

2000 Chevy Astro van from time to time will not start, replaced battery, replaced fuel pump, 4 days later would not start engine cranks but doesn't fire. Got it started by shifting to nuetral and moving it a few feet also rocked vechile, then tried to start and was successful.
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  Michael replied 10 years ago.

HelloCustomer Welcome to JA. ou will need to address tis as a normal NO START condition and isolate the failure to a fuel, Air or spark issue. Here's how.Please click my accept button if this will be helpful.

Here are the procedures to check for a no start on a fuel injected engine.It will require a couple diagnostic tools that you do not most likely posess,but may be able to obtain through a tool loan or rental program at many parts stores.

In order for an engine to run it needs the following:

1. Fuel (Fuel pressure gauge)
2. Spark (In line Spark tester)
3. Injector pulse (Noid Lights)
4. Air/Compression

You must determine which one or more is missing to proceed.

You can reduce the troubleshooting by spraying carb clean or a little ether into the intake throttle body to see if it attempts to start.If it does, then there is a problem with fuel delivery and not ignition.This will tell you whether or not there is fuel being delivered and isolate the issue to fuel pressure/delivery or injector control circuits.

You can check for spark at a spark plug wire while cranking with a flat tip driver or in line spark tester inserted into the plug wire boot and placed close to any metal part on the engine besides the fuel system lines and fittings or just plugged back onto the spark plug if using an inline tester.

To check injector pulse you will need a noid light set which can be purchased at your local parts store or through tool rental or loan programs as mentioned above.(Picture below)


To check for air just make sure the air filter is not totally restricted.

To check compression install compression gauge in each cylinder,crank engine,record reading for each cylinder.Look for a big variance between cyls.

If all of this is OK you may have contaminated fuel.

Please post back with your results so that we may help you through you car trouble.



Michael, Auto technician
Category: Chevy
Satisfied Customers: 919
Experience: 21 years Foriegn and Domestic driveability diagnosis and repair.Fuel injection specialist.ASE Cert.
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Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Michael's Post: Thanks for the insight! I tried spraying a little ether (did not fire) prior to replacing the fuel pump. Is there some type of relay between the oil pressure gauge and the fuel pressure gauge if so what is best way to test this?
Expert:  marc replied 10 years ago.

Check for power to the fuel pump on the Gray wire (from the fuel pump relay) and a good ground on the Black wire. If all OK, replace the fuel pump.

2. If no power to the pump, check for a "click" from the fuel pump relay when the ignition is initially turned to the on position. The fuel pump relay is in the under hood fuse block.

3. If no "click", swap in a known good relay and retest.

4. If still no relay operation, check for power from the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) to the relay windings (Dark Green/White) during cranking. Check for a good relay ground.

5. If the relay clicks, check the wiring (Orange) from the ECM B fuse to the relay and from the relay (Gray) to the fuel pump.

Expert:  Michael replied 10 years ago.
Hello again. if the engine did not fire off with ether, you must be missing spark or compression. Have you checked all the things I posted.When you spray ether into the intake,you are in effect bypassing the fuel pump and injectors by feeding fuel directly to the engine. I would make sureyou have spark and compression at this point.Does the engine sound as if it's spinning faster or with no effort?