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Don - Mo Lurch
Don - Mo Lurch, Auto Mech / Electronics
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79 chevy pickup ignition key removal

Customer Question

Hi, I can't remove the ignition key portion of my ignition switch. I have all the components removed and out of the way, followed all instructions and cannot pull barrel out of housing as described on instructions. This is a '79 chevy pickup with key in column. I have poked into holes as described to release spring loaded tab since there is no screw holding it in. I am ready to risk damaging the inner works by using a slide hammer unless you can enlighten me. I have been a mechanic all my life and take pride in my work, but never been good with locking mechanisms for some reason. Thanks...bill
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  Don - Mo Lurch replied 11 years ago.

If this is a 1979 Chevrolet Pick Up, there is NO Release Tab.....It is Held by a Screw:

  1. Remove the steering wheel, as outlined earlier in this section.

  2. Remove the turn signal switch. It is not necessary to completely remove the switch from the column. Pull the switch rearward far enough to slip it over the end of the shaft, but do not pull the harness out of the column.

  3. Turn the lock to RUN.

    Click image to see an enlarged view

  4. Remove the lock retaining screw and remove the lock cylinder.

  5. To install, rotate the key to the stop while holding onto the cylinder.

  6. Push the lock all the way in.

  7. Install the screw. Tighten the screw to 3 ft. lbs. (4.1 Nm) for regular columns, or to 2 ft. lbs. (2.7 Nm) for tilt columns.

  8. Install the turn signal switch and the steering wheel