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Michael, Auto technician
Category: Chevy
Satisfied Customers: 919
Experience:  21 years Foriegn and Domestic driveability diagnosis and repair.Fuel injection specialist.ASE Cert.
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how to remove a key ignition switch on a 97 chevy tahoe

Customer Question

how to remove a key ignition switch on a 97 chevy
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  Michael replied 11 years ago.
Do you want to replace the Ignition lock or the Ignition switch? They are two different things.
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Michael's Post: ignition lock, were the key goes to start your vehicle
Expert:  Michael replied 11 years ago.

HiCustomer You'll need to remove the SRS components here as well.Just be careful.


When performing service around the SIR system components or wiring, the SIR system MUST be disabled. Failure to do so could result in possible air bag deployment, personal injury or unneeded SIR system repairs.

When carrying a live inflator module, make sure that the bag and trim cover are pointed away from you. Never carry the inflator module by the wires or connector on the underside of the module. In case of accidental deployment, the bag will then deploy with minimal chance of injury.

When placing a live inflator module on a bench or other surface, always face the bag and trim cover up, away from the surface.

  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable and disable the SIR system.

  1. Remove the upper and lower shroud, air bag module and the steering column.

. 3: Exploded view of the removal of the SIR coil assembly

  1. Remove the retaining ring, SIR coil assembly, wave washer.

  2. Remove the shaft lock retaining ring using tool J 23653-SIR or its equivalent to push down the shaft lock shield assembly. Discard the ring.

  3. Remove the shaft lock shield and turn signal cancel cam assembly.

  4. Remove the park lock cable assembly from the lock module assembly.

  5. Remove the key alarm switch, if equipped by gently prying the alarm switch retaining clip with a small prytool. Rotate the alarm switch 1/4 in. turn and remove.

  6. Remove the two tapping screws and the ignition key and alarm assembly. Let the switch hang freely.

CAUTION The lock assembly is under slight spring tension. Hold the lock bolt in place while removing the lock module assembly. screws and the lock module assembly.

  1. Remove the backing plate from the module.

Mark the two sector gears at the

OFF-LOCK position to ensure proper reassembly

  1. Remove the sector gears.

  2. Remove the positioning tab on the end of the lock cylinder using an 1/8 in. burring tool. Remove all burrs from the lock module and cylinder assembly.

  3. Push on the locking tab of the lock cylinder from inside the lock module assembly and remove the lock cylinder.

To install:

  1. Align the marks on the sector gears and install the gears and the backing plate to the lock module assembly.

  2. Install the lock cylinder set and ensure that the lock module assembly is in the OFF-LOCK position.

  3. Install the key in the lock cylinder and ensure that it is in the OFF-LOCK position.

  4. Line up the locking tab with the slots in the lock module assembly and push the cylinder into position.

  5. Rotate the lock cylinder to the ACC position. The alignment arrows on the sector gears should be pointing towards each other.

  6. Rotate the lock cylinder to the LOCK position. Push the lock bolt in until it is flush and align the lock module assembly with the head assembly and install the lock module assembly.

  7. Install the three pan head screws and tighten to 53 inch. lbs. (6 Nm).

  8. Install the ignition and key alarm switch assembly and the fasteners. Tighten the fasteners to 12 inch. lbs. (1 Nm).

  9. Install the key alarm switch. Make sure the retaining clip is parallel to the lock cylinder. Rotate the alarm switch 1/4 in. turn until locked in place.

  10. Lubricate the lower brass surface of the turn signal cancel cam assembly with synthetic grease and install the assembly.

  11. Align the inner block tooth of the lock plate to block tooth of race and upper shaft assembly and install the assembly.

  12. Install a new shaft lock ring using tool J 23653-SIR and ensure the ring is firmly seated in the groove on the shaft.

  13. Install the center race and upper shaft assembly.

  14. Place the ignition switch to the lock assembly and ensure the coil is centered.

  15. Install the wave washer and the SIR coil assembly.

  16. Install the retaining ring and route the coil wire along the steering column.

  17. Install the wire harness straps to the steering column harness.

  18. Install the park lock cable assembly with the transmission in Park and the ignition switch in the OFF-LOCK position.

  19. Install the upper and lower covers, lock cylinder set and tilt lever (if equipped).

  20. Install the steering column and enable the SIR system. Connect the negative battery cable.

Fig. 4: Exploded view of the sector gear timing position (OFF-LOCK)

. 5: Remove all burrs from the lock module and cylinder assembly

Expert:  Michael replied 11 years ago.
Hello! How did you make out with this job?Tough one huh?