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Tim Basham
Tim Basham, ASE Certified Master Technician
Category: Chevy
Satisfied Customers: 743
Experience:  30 years multi line tech ASE cert master tech ASE engine machinist, 9 years GM dealer exp.
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how to replace a fuel pump on a 1977 chevy pickup with a 350 ci

Customer Question

having problems keeping the push rod up
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  Tim Basham replied 11 years ago.
see section 2 of installation for how to use bolt to hold shaft into place. Just remember to put orignal bolt back into hole.


Fig. 1: Unfasten the clamp retaining screw, then remove the pump inlet line

Fig. 2: Always use a back-up wrench on the outlet fitting to avoid damaging the fitting

Fig. 3: Remove the outlet line from the pump

Fig. 4: Unfasten the pump mounting bolts . . .

Fig. 5: . . . then remove the fuel pump from the vehicle

Fig. 6: To remove the pushrod, first remove the adapter plate. It is secured by two bolts

Fig. 7: The fuel pump pushrod can now be removed from the block

Fig. 8: Exploded view of the fuel pump mounting — big-block (Mark IV) shown, others similar

NOTE: When disconnecting or connecting the fuel pump outlet fitting, always use two wrenches to avoid damaging the pump.

  1. Disconnect the fuel intake and outlet lines at the pump and plug the pump intake line.
  2. On small block V8 engines, remove the upper bolt from the right front mounting boss. Insert a long bolt ( 38 in.–16 x 2 in.) in this hole to hold the fuel pump pushrod.
  3. Remove the two pump mounting bolts and lockwashers; remove the pump and its gasket.
  4. If the rocker arm pushrod is to be removed from V8s, remove the two adapter bolts and lockwashers. Remove the adapter and its gasket from small blocks and remove the pipe plug and pushrod from 454 cu. in. engines.
  5. Install the fuel pump with a new gasket reversing the removal procedure. Coat the mating surfaces with sealer.
  6. Connect the fuel lines and check for leaks.