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I have a brand new unlocked AT&T Sierra Wireless Mobile

Customer Question

I have a brand new unlocked AT&T Sierra Wireless Mobile hotspot Elevate 4G/LTE that I was setting up tonight with my T-Mobile DATA SIM card and all was fine till I went to change my SSDI and passwords for users to logon - It would not allow me back in as 'admin' with my new or old or default passwords, so I decided to do a "Master Reset" - Much to my surprise, this seems to have wiped all AT&T firmware off the device and am now dealing with the mfg (Sierra) GUI and their default passwords and setting etc - except now I cannot get the device to show on my Mac under my NETWORK settings to 'connect' to ...??? Totally lost - Only reason I selected you - is that I found you via a Google Search and seems you're familiar with the ELEVATE 4G device before from 3 years ago - Hard to believe you're online Dustin at 2:20AM MDT - but if so, could use some help - thanks - Brent
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Cell Phones
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Posted by JustAnswer at customer's request) Hello. I would like to request the following Expert Service(s) from you: Remote Tech Support. Let me know if you need more information, or send me the service offer(s) so we can proceed.
Expert:  Freddy M. replied 2 years ago.

Hello my name is***** look forward to assisting and am very sorry to hear that you are having this problem.

In order to reinstall the software you would actually have to bring the device to AT&T as they would have to reinstall it, you would not be able to get the software anywhere else.

If it was frozen or something we might have been able to, but when the software is erased only they can put it back on.

I believe they charge an hours labor for this repair. If you have any questions at all reply and let me know. If not please don’t forget to leave a positive rating for my help - it is greatly appreciated. Please note you are rating me only not this site or your AT&T.

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hello - I have several problems with this site, and your answer - Whilst I understand this is just a 'community' of experts trying to help one another - Telling me that you cannot do anything, and sending me back to AT&T is not an answer - nor one worthy of the $$ I just paid to read it - Secondly, and my chief complaint, is that when I was searching the internet and found this answer/page/thread - the original person was shown to be 'online' and familiar with this device and that's the ONLY reason I agreed to start this process - You all (rightfully) 'gray out' the bottom portion of you answer in order to get me to pay to see the rest - You could have just as easily started off your sentence with - "Sorry I can't help you - Go back to AT&T for them to reload it" - for that is your answer and 'solution' - Well thanks Capt. Obvious - but you're wrong... As you know from my time of request till now (just reading your answer 14 hours later) - I was able to go to the Sierra website and download the firmware and force load it thru a 15MB .exe file - so it can be done (as I suspected) - and once I got that loaded, I was 'away' from AT&T with a new fresh set of codes and the T-Mobile card worked like a champ - I only clicked on this b/c I'd like to have the AT&T version back on - which is available too by taking it back - but since I bought this off an auction site, that is not an option really - and was glad I found my own way via Sierra's site -Anyway - I was lead to believe that I would be talking to the guy that had experience with this type of hotspot device - not sent out into a 'pool' of people ... but I get it now... fine whatever - but that's deceptive advertising as it says he was 'online' and ready to help then and there - Now 14 hours later I get a response saying "bring it back to the mfg" - that is NOT an answer to my question - I could say that to ANY tech question posed here and make a million in a single day -I am writing here as a COURTESY to you to do the right thing here before I rate you and this site - I don't think this information is correct (I've proven it's not correct) and I don't think it's ethical the way you've presented (greyed-out) your response to sucker users in - nor did I get the person who was experienced with this device (who was advertised to be 'online and ready to help") at 2:20AM MDT ... and lastly, your answer was incorrect and I've taken care of it on my own ...Ideally I'd say I don't want to pay a penny for all this - as you've just wasted 45 mins of my day asking a Q and now formulating my defense/reply - and in the end, got nothing ... Take it back to the manufacturer - Wow ... Anyway - I'll agree to the 'good faith' $5 for taking the time to look at my question - but even that I have a hard time with - As to the balance? No way guy... I've given you 3 good reasons why this is unacceptable and no way I'm paying for that answer or the way this has been handled ...I'll await your reply before I act next -Thank you for your time and understanding.Brent