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Can I switch from Net10 to Tracfone?

Customer Question

Can I switch from Net10 to Tracfone?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Cell Phones
Expert:  Randy***** CellTech replied 4 years ago.
I will assist you. My name is Randy and I look forward to providing you with the best answer possible.

Tracfone and Net10 are both owned by the same company. Their support is provided by the same customer service people and comes from the same support centers. They both use the same sim cards. Their new sim cards can be used in any gsm phone for either Tracfone or Net10.

Tracfone's phones cannot be used for Net10 and Net10 phones cannot be used for Tracfone.
Once a sim card is placed in a phone and the phone is powered up, the sim card is locked to that phone and can never be used in another phone. If you place a new sim card in any phone, active or not and turn the phone on then the sim card is useless except for possible future use in that phone.
You cannot swap active sim cards in Tracfone and Net10 phones like you can with other gsm carrier's phones.
Tracfone and Net10 phones have proprietary firmware in the phones that will only recognize their sim cards. Also, their sim cards will not work in any phone that does not have their firmware in it. If you are using a GSM Phone from a carrier like T-Mobile or AT&T you can purchase a TracFone sim and place it in the phone and it will work, otherwise you will need to start a new account with TracFone.

If you want to keep your number you can port the Net10 number to TracFone.

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