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AndroidAnswerMan, Cell Phone Support Specialist
Category: Cell Phones
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Experience:  I have been an Cellular Software developer for over 6 years. I enjoy helping others learn from my mistakes...
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Why does my iPhone 4 cut out during a call so that I can hear

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Why does my iPhone 4 cut out during a call so that I can hear the other person but they can't hear me?

AndroidAnswerMan :

Good evening, How long have you had your device? Has this been a problem since you had it, or did it just start?

Customer: I've had it for maybe 2 years it has just started having this problem 2 days ago
AndroidAnswerMan :

Couple of quick troubleshooting things

AndroidAnswerMan :

Have you powered it off and restarted it since it began happening - powering it off - not just putting it to sleep

Customer: No I haven't done that. For a while, prob a few weeks
AndroidAnswerMan :

lets start with that

AndroidAnswerMan :

Push the power button and hold it

Customer: Have done
AndroidAnswerMan :

until it says power off

AndroidAnswerMan :

you powered it off?

Customer: Yes
AndroidAnswerMan :

Does it fail relatively consistently, in other words could you make a test call and see if it has resolved itself, or is it just hit and miss?

Customer: Consistently
AndroidAnswerMan :

Is there someone you can call to see if it is still an issue?

Customer: I just made a call and they couldn't hear me at all, usually it cuts out after a minute or two
AndroidAnswerMan :

It sounds like you have a bad microphone. Do you have a voice recording application on your phone that you can see if you can record something?

Customer: I don't know, where would I that?
Customer: I mean no, I haven't downloaded such an app
AndroidAnswerMan :

There would be an application called Voice Memo

AndroidAnswerMan :

(shoudl be default on yoru phone)

AndroidAnswerMan :

blue icon, with a white microphone on it.

Customer: No none
AndroidAnswerMan :

is this an iphone 4 or iphone 4s?

Customer: Sorry. Not sure how would I find out?
AndroidAnswerMan :

Do you have SIRI

Customer: It's just a 4
Customer: What's Siri?
AndroidAnswerMan :

Siri is the differencee between a 4 and a 4s (its a voice assistance applicaiton)

AndroidAnswerMan :

do you have a bluetooth headset

Customer: Ok, no it's just a 4, no Bluetooth headset
AndroidAnswerMan :

Can you check your app store to see if you can find a free Voice Memo application

Customer: Ok
AndroidAnswerMan :

we jsut need something other than the telephone to test the microphone

Customer: Ok what now?
AndroidAnswerMan :

did you find a voice memo application

Customer: Yes and installed it
AndroidAnswerMan :

OK, so now use that application to record just a small sentence

AndroidAnswerMan :

just something you can record and play back to see if the

AndroidAnswerMan :

microphone is functional.

Customer: Mic works fine
AndroidAnswerMan :

Who is your carrier?

Customer: Telstra
AndroidAnswerMan :

If the microphone is good, and the callers can't hear you, I would venture to guess that that is some problem with the phone and its interaction with your carrier. At this point, the only option you have is to take the phone to your carrier and see if they can fix it.

Customer: Ok thanks
AndroidAnswerMan :

Unfortunately, if they can't it might be in your best interest to purchase a new phone

Customer: Hmmm
AndroidAnswerMan :

I am sure this is not welcome news, but please remember to rate me based on the quality of my information, not your frustration with your device or Telstra

Customer: Of course. Thanks again.
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