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Mr. Clark
Mr. Clark, Cell Phone Engineer
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my iphone 3gs screen went extremely dark

Resolved Question:

my iphone 3gs screen went extremely dark after getting drops of water on it


I want to take it to the Apple store after work, in two hours. Can you answer in two hours? thanks. 

Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Cell Phones
Expert:  Mr. Clark replied 6 years ago.
Hello. Welcome to JustAnswer, a paid global support site.

To force power off the device, press and hold the Home and Power buttons at the same time for about 15-20 seconds (or until the device goes back).

You can adjust the brightness by going to Settings -> Brightness and moving the slider all the way to the right.

If the slider is already all the way to the right and your screen is dim, you have to replace the LCD on the device. You have a damaged/defective LCD.

There is no software fix or key sequence that can correct a hardware issue.

I have efficiently and correctly answered your question.

Let me know if you need further assistance.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Thanks Mr. Clark


Do you think I should

-go see a Genius at the Apple Store to replace the LCD or

-go to some other cell phone repair place (it might be less expensive?)


Will it be exhorbitant to repair? $100 or more?


What could have caused this?

Could it have been the drops of water that fell on it when I brushed my teeth last night?

(the "wet" indicator in the earphone jack is still white)


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Actaully the screen just came back on.
Expert:  Mr. Clark replied 6 years ago.
If you were going to get an LCD replaced, if you have $199, I'd recommend that you get the Apple Store just to swap out your device. If you want to go to a privately owned cell shop, for a 3GS, I wouldn't spend more than $90 for a replacement LCD, maybe a $100 depending on where you live (cost of living).

What could have caused it? Either water damage, drop damage, or manufacturer defect.

What did you do differently to get the screen on?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

This time I was able to turn the power off, the usual way. When I turned the power back on the screen came back, after being dark for 9 hours today!

Expert:  Mr. Clark replied 6 years ago.
Sounds like it might have just been in between sleep mode when the screen dims.

When you get a chance, (as long as you don't have an unlocked iPhone), I would recommend that you do an "Update" in iTunes to make sure you have the latest software on the device.

Glad to hear its working again. iPhone's not working can be scary (expensive phone right?).

Let me know if you need further assistance.
Mr. Clark and other Cell Phones Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Mr. Clark, it blacked out again this morning after being ok since yesterday afternoon. ;(

Could the LCD be intermittently broken like this? D:
Expert:  Mr. Clark replied 6 years ago.
Sounds like you might have either a loose "flex" cable (built into the LCD) or the LCD is faulty.

Either scenario would require a new LCD.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks Mr. Clark. It's back on again. This sucks. I have to think what to do. Maybe other smartphones don't break this way.