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Category: Cell Phones
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Experience:  3+ years Exp. BlackBerry Certified. BCSA, BCSS, BCSSS.
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I just purchased a blackberry qualcomm 3G CDMA online and,

Resolved Question:

I just purchased a blackberry qualcomm 3G CDMA online and, after using it for one day, the keyboard froze up. My local cellphone company won't work on it because it was purchased somewhere else. Is there anything I can do to fix it?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Cell Phones
Expert:  MobileDeviceXpert replied 6 years ago.

MobilityExpert : Hello. Welcome to JustAnswer. My name is Stefan. I will be happy to answer your question.
MobilityExpert : What have you done thus far to get keyboard to work? Pulled battery? Wipe device?
MobilityExpert : Provide the model #
MobilityExpert : When did it stop working and what were you doing just prior to the keyboard freezing up?
MobilityExpert : Try these steps in order: 1 - take battery out. Wait 30 seconds. Place back in.
MobilityExpert : Does trackpad work? Or just keyboard broken.
MobilityExpert : Provide details as to what you did during the one you had the BB till it stopped working. Provide the model #. OS app version Where you purchased online? New or refurbished? Who the carrier is specifically?
MobilityExpert : The more details the better? Any new apps loaded? What you were doing just prior, iE reading email, browsing, music. Etc. I will await your details.
MobilityExpert : If you are in the chat , on last question - has the pearl been in contact with moisture of any kind? This 3G pearl does not take well to any moisture.
MobilityExpert : when ready let me know so an answer can be provided. Thanks. This chat has been idle for some time and no responses.
MobilityExpert : The best answer I can provide if any of the above did not help is if the phone is new and you bought it online is to demand a replacement and send it back and have them send you a new device. Such a new device should not break down like this. If it were mine, that is exactly what I do. Get another one and the bad one back.
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