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My ex husband has been able to hack into my blackberry, In

Resolved Question:

My ex husband has been able to "hack" into my blackberry, In the past blackberries would turn themselves off, and when I turned them on the security software would not work.
I was unable to delete security certificate and the message was the certificate is requesting acess to your keystore.
The most recent incident was Today, I am not using my blackberry for email at the moment and DONOT have enterprise configeration set up by my provider. This morning my screen froze and I got a message to use the mute key to un freeze. I do not know where the mute key is, so I took the battery out andd replaced it, as soon as I did this the phone ran an enterprise configeration and organised call logs. How can this keep happening my sim card and phone are both password XXXXX My email address for answers [email protected] Thank you for any assistance you can provide
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Cell Phones
Expert:  Richard S. replied 6 years ago.
Hello and thank you for your question. You want to do a NULL password XXXXX on this device to make sure that there is nothing malicious on it. This is going to erase everything that you have on the device that is not saved to the memory card so you would want to make sure that you back all of your data up using the Blackberry desktop software (see link below to download that.)

Once you have the softyware downloaded, plug in your blackberry and go to File and Backup and make sure that you backup your data.

Then, Go to Settings > Options > Password XXXXX set a password XXXXX you do not have one already. Back out and save

Then, Enter the WRONG password XXXXX the phone 10 times, every 3rd time or so it will ask you to type "blackberry" and after the 10th time the phone will reset. Once that is done you can plug it back into the computer and go back to File and then to restore and you will be able to sync the data back to the device. Should take care of any software or spyware that has been installed on the device.

If it works, please click Accept as that is how I get credit. If not, let me know and we will keep working on it. Bonus NOT necessary but ALWAYS appreciated!!

PLEASE DO NOT leave Negative feedback! If you need more help PLEASE just reply to this question and I will keep working with you!

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I have done as you suggested ( many times)What I would really like to know is how does he keep doing it. A) I have been using blackberries since they came out certainly over 10 years. While living in the house together he had administrator access to computers but we have not had that for 3 or 4 years.


I have intentionally not had the phones configured to an enterprise so I know exactly when he hacks.


Yestersdays method of freezing the screen was new it said mute to un freeze, is there even a mute button on the blackberries.


How do you want payment I have signed up for monthy assistance.


At one stage i had all messages open, I went to the menu and asked it to mark the unread ones, they all came up as unread, later that night he opened them on by one

I think he was intercepting all messages at that stage. I removed the battery and kept the phone as he was also into my emails at work through web mail and I think dodgy certificates that I could not delete as it need my keystore password XXXXX was always set remotely. As I worked for a Bank our own IT finally figured what was happening with my emails, there were 167 folders and a filter had been put on each folder, it came very close to driving me nuts.


It is good to be able to ask someone, the only thing I had going for me at the time was my PA would see emails popping in and out of my in box. The Bank in question were not "cleaning phones properly, sms and emails were altogether etc. This time I would like to cut it off at the beginning, When he was at his worst I actually bought 4 phones in one day, took them to my provider, who switched sim cards passwords etc and that worked for about a month.

Expert:  Richard S. replied 6 years ago.
Hello and thank you for your reply. Clicking Accept took car of the payment (thank you for that as that is the only way that uis Experts actually get credit and get paid. )

There is a Mute button on Blackberrys. See the link below to a picture that shows (sort of dark so you have to look) but on one side is the Mute botton and on the other is the unlock button. It is the same for the Tour and most Bold and Curve Models.

If you did a null reset then there is nothing left on that device and you should be fine with the phone. Do you think he has access into your e-mail account though? If he did, then he would be able to get information through that route and may not even have anything on the Blackberry at all. The screen freeze is actually a common issue when the device is being put to sleep, you can press mute to unfreeze it, so that may have just been a accident. Is he doing this just to harass you?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
In the past it was to harass me, he had had affairs etc but punished me badly for leaving, wanted me to look bad, wanted custody of the kids etc, made me look pretty bad at work I held a very senior position as head of Risk at an institutional Bank, it didn't help my reputation, there was a lot of money etc anyway its been a couple of years now, I had my house swept there were transmitters and recievers everywhere he used a site called to get stuff done it was hideous and I thought it was over, but the enterprise configuration only appeared when he returned from Europe. He has it all including my ex next door neighbour, the yacht houses etc, but I have 2 lovely daughters, the eldest old enough to realise. The screen froze in mid conversation but I probably hit the key by mistake just as my phone used to turn itself off. I just want to be left alone! I have kept enough of the old phones and he knows the interferance can be traced to him even by content so it should be enough to stop him wasting his time with me! I cannot see an accept button this email.
Expert:  Richard S. replied 6 years ago.
I am so sorry about that! How awful!!! Has he had any PHYSICAL access to this phone (even for a couple of minutes.)

Do not worry about the accept button! You already took care of that. With the subscription I do believe that you can ask as many questions as you want.