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Richard S.
Richard S., Accounts and Device Specialist
Category: Cell Phones
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Experience:  5 years working with major US carriers in billing, contracts, devices and network
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My screen freezes frequently and i have to take the battery

Resolved Question:

My screen freezes frequently and i have to take the battery out to restart my phone. I am on my third LG octane (2 new and one recently sent refurbished one from verizon.) since DEC. The techs at verizon have tried to help but i am still having this problem. They suggest another brand of phone. I want an Octane that works because its a great little phone otherwise. Can u help?.My phone has been totally reset and the software is up to date. I have friends with the same phone and zero problems, especially this one.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Cell Phones
Expert:  Richard S. replied 6 years ago.
I am so sorry about the trouble that you are having with the device. When they swap the device out, did they also give you another battery or have you kept the same battery this whole time?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
My second phone was a new phone and when i received my third phone, i had to use the same battery in it.
Expert:  Richard S. replied 6 years ago.
Wow, so the second phone came with a different battery (sometimes bad batteries can prompt the device to freeze, that is what I am digging at.)
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Verizon has not offered me a new battery. Is this something i should ask them to do? Everything else including resetting, etc has not worked.
Expert:  Richard S. replied 6 years ago.
It is the same problem on EACH device and it is the same battery that you got with your first one? if so, yeah, I would try the battery. When you say it freezes often, how often, once a day, 3 times a day etc?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I exchanged my first phone for a new device. My second and third phones have had the same battery. It usually freezes when i erase a text or try and open one. Verizon suggested i may be receiving a virus but i cannot find a pattern in msgs received as i dont receive a ton of texts. I just returned my second phone six days ago and my present phone froze within the week. I suppose it freezes at least weekly, but again dont see a definite pattern. My front screen has a faint glow and the inside screen is completely black and the power button will not work. This is when i have to remove the battery.
Expert:  Richard S. replied 6 years ago.
Hmmmm, ok, are you using the stock Messaging app or did you download a different app to do the messaging with?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I am not sure what ap i have. I have not downloaded anything new or at all as far as i know. Probably the stock msg app?
Expert:  Richard S. replied 6 years ago.
Ok, two things.

1. Freezing once a week is probably not that abnormal but these are complex devices.

2. THIS MAY just be a app issue. Go to the MArketplace and search for a app called "chomp SMS" and download and use that for messaging, it is WAY better than the stock app and muchy more stable. give that a shot for a week or so and see how it works.

You can reply back even after you ACCEPT the answer, it does not close the question and we will keep working on this until we solve the issue for you! Bonus NOT necessary but ALWAYS appreciated!!

PLEASE DO NOT leave Negative feedback! If you need more help PLEASE just reply to this question and I will keep working with you!

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Can i download this at no cost? Can i download this on my phone even if it is not a "smart phone? Would this be via the USB port of my computer?
Expert:  Richard S. replied 6 years ago.
Oh crap, I am sucha idiot, I am so sorry, I misread the original message and thought you said LG Optimus not octane. CRAP!

Ok, disregard what I said about the app. Yeah, I would probably go beat on Verizon and have them move you into even a different model of phone. Ahhh, I am so sorry about missing that!

Your funds will stay in your account for use on another question in the future or you can request a refund with the link below. Best of luck getting the issue resolved!

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank you for your help. Please accept the 15$. I really appreciate your efforts.!!
Expert:  Richard S. replied 6 years ago.
Thank you so much!!! :) Please click accept so I get credit
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