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Category: Cell Phones
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I found a Motorola Blur & I need to unlock the pattern, I have

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I found a Motorola Blur & I need to unlock the pattern, I have tried so many times that now it won't even let me try anymore.
Hi There,

Without the unlock pattern there is no way to get into the phone, other than factory resetting the phone and wiping all settings:

To hard reset Motorola BLUR MB300
1. Power off phone.
2. Hold camera button and power on phone at the same time.
3. Release the camera button when prompted to.
4. You will see a message screen telling you to press the up or down volume button
5. Press and HOLD the down volume key (ignore message 'Volume Up Key Pressed')
6. When triangle and phone screen appears
7. Press on the screen just above the back key
8. You will now see the "Motorola system recovery" menu
At this point you will have three choices:

1. reboot system now [Menu+Back]
2. apply [Alt+S]
3. wipedata/factory reset [Alt+W]
You can simply tap an item to select it.

Select 3 and the phone will wipe and reset.

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