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What can i do to fix my droid incredible by HTC its cycling

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What can i do to fix my droid incredible by HTC? it's cycling the start screens, freezing on the droid screen, then starting over loading the white HTC screens. it's done this twice, i dont know how i can reset it.

Hello my name isXXXXX you for the question.


We can try to reset the device but you'll lose all info which is not saved to your SD card. Do you want to proceed?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I've had to do that twice with verizon reps, once over the phone once in person. I think that would be best at this point. Bummed I'll lose my photos, files, and settings, but a working phone is better than one that doesn't work. Thanks so much for your help!

You're welcome, hopefully this works.


  • Turn the power off. If your HTC DROID Incredible is frozen, pull the battery out and reinsert it
  • Hold the Volume Down button
  • Press and release the Power button
  • You are now presented with a menu that allows for Fastbook, Recovery, Clear Storage, and Simlock
  • Select Clear Storage by pressing the Volume Down button
  • Press and release the Power button
  • Now simply confirm your decision: Volume Up for YES and Volume Down for NO


Let me know if that doesn't do the trick! Otherwise remember to click 'accept' :)

Edited by Daniel P. on 11/7/2010 at 4:21 AM EST
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Great! Thanks so much, it looks like I'm back at the initial setup screen, but it seems to be working. I will happily accept and submit the payment but I just have one question out of curiosity for you... do you know why this might be happening? Is it normal? I've been having major frustrations with this phone, I only got it less than 2 weeks ago. Any suggestions? Feel free to contact me [email protected] You rock, thanks for your help!! :)

You're welcome. Don't worry too much about it. Android OS and iPhone OS get stuck in loop sometimes. It's almost expected. There's no way to pinpoint the issue but if it happens again within 2 weeks, return the phone. While it's pretty common, it's unusual for a new phone to loop twice in the same month.


Let me know if you have further questions, otherwise please don't forget to click 'accept'. Thanks )

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