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How do I know if my iphone 3g has been jailbroken and spyware

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How do I know if my iphone 3g has been jailbroken and spyware downloaded?
Hi, please go to Settings->General->About, and tell me what you have for "Version", "Carrier", and "Model."
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hello thank you for the reply,


Version - 3.1.3 (7E18)

Carrier - AT&T 5.6

Model - MB046LL

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi Andy thank you for replying,


1. - Best Buy I think

2. - New

3. - ATT

4. - I have not but spouse may have

5. - Getting divorced, he's an addict, I left a couple weeks ago with the kids after the police had to be called. He controls the phones and the phone bills so if he has done a jailbreak I assume he has put something on the phone as well... I am not in a position to replace the phone yet so I am trying to determine if it is safe to use.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Is anyone there?
Great... the application that is installed on the phone as part of the "jailbreak" process is "Cydia". Cydia is automatically installed and used to access 3rd party applications that can be installed on jailbroken phones. So it's simple to tell if your phone is jailbroken. If you have the Cydia app icon on any of your home screens, your phone is jailbroken. If you do NOT have that app on your iPhone, it is NOT jailbroken.

Let me know if I can be of further assistance.



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi Mike thank you for your reply, so is it possible to attach spyware onto the phone without that Cydia app? Thank you, Billie
Hi again... if the iPhone is not jailbroken, it's NOT possible to have spyware on the phone. Because of the way Apple has designed the iPhone, and the way that it handles applications, only the core group of applications (Phone app, Messaging app, iPod app, etc.) can run in the background. Therefore no other apps of any kind will run on the phone with you explicitly opening the application and leaving it open. Furthermore, a spyware app wouldn't likely make it through Apple's approval process to even be submitted to the app store to begin with. But again, even it did, and it was installed on your phone, it couldn't do anything unless you open and run the application yourself.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I'm happy to pay you more if you can tell me how to do that so I can keep talking to you... thank you so much for your help.....


those spyware programs that can be loaded on the iphone that say they are 100% undetectable like flexisby - how do they do that then if that Cybia app is going to show up do you know?

They don't work on a non-jailbroken iPhone. If you visit the Flexispy webpage at this link: Flexispy and scroll down to "How it Works", you'll see that it requires the phone be jailbroken for it to work. You'll find that all of the apps like this require a jailbroken iPhone to work. That's because only a jailbroken iPhone will allow apps to be running in the background without the user's knowledge. Cydia has nothing to do with spyware apps. They don't claim that you won't know the phone is jailbroken and has 3rd part apps running on the phone. They only claim to run that individual program without the user knowing. A jailbroken iPhone doesn't necessarily mean spyware is installed on the phone. Most people jailbreak the iPhone so they can install apps that Apple won't allow in the app store such as a tethering app (so you can connect your laptop to the iPhone and surf the web using your iPhone's data connection).
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Can I keep asking you questions after I accept your answer or do I need to start over and try to find you?? I have a computer question too regarding the spyware...
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I'm sorry, is Cydia the only way to jailbreak this iphone? Or if there are would there always be an app that appears on the phone? If the app is deleted is the phone still jailbroken? Yes, I'm paranoid... I just don't fully understand how all this works and I need to keep my children and myself safe, I apologize for being a pain and I grately appreciate your time and explainations that are so easy to understand.
If you have questions directly related to your original question, I'd be glad to help you, and yes, you can ask additional questions here if needed, even after you accept. But if it is a different question, it should posted as new question so it goes to the appropriate category. Your computer question for example will be routed to the computer category, which I am not a part of. Although I am knowledgeable in the computer category, there haven't been any positions opened up to new experts in that category since I've joined JA. And we are not permitted to answer questions from other categories.
Mike and other Cell Phones Specialists are ready to help you
I completely understand... Cydia is not the actual app that jailbreaks the phone, but it is the app that is automatically installed on the phone as part of the jailbreak process. If Cydia was removed, it would remove any installed apps with it, so if you don't have that app on your phone, you have nothing to worry about.

One other thing worth mentioning, Apple has an email service called "MobileMe" that can be purchased through Apple. This would be the only way to track a non-jailbroken iPhone. This app is not spyware, so it doesn't record your calls, texts, or anything like that, but it does allow you to track the location of your iPhone. It's intended purpose is to help you find a lost or stolen iPhone. You can see if the "Find My iPhone" feature is active by going into the "Settings" app on the phone, and then "Mail, Contacts, and Calendars", and there you'll see the email accounts on the phone. Tap the first one, and if you see an option for "Find My iPhone" at the bottom, just above the "Delete Account" button, that is a MobileMe account and the phone can be tracked. Just turn that option OFF. Do that for each account on the phone if you're not sure if any of them could be MobileMe accounts. If you don't see the "Find My iPhone" option on THAT screen, it's NOT a MobileMe account and you don't have anything to worry about.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank you Mike! You should write a cell phone book for Dummies!! ha Seriously, why can't everyone make things that easy to understand, I have been searching the internet for answers for days trying to figure this out. I was going to try to transfer and undelete some text messages (I found a post on the internet that said TextPad could undelete them, and if I remember right help save them to the computer, are you familiar with that?) to my computer and do a master reset on my, and my daughter's phones. Would that be something you recommend doing?
I have heard of TextPad but quite honestly, I don't see that being worth your while, unless you're looking for one or two specific pieces of information in a text or two that you've accidentally deleted. The program will extract information from the iPhone's text messaging database, but it doesn't know the difference between your message text and the machine code so you'll long lists of scrambled numbers and letters that you'll have to sort through to figure out what the text message actually says. Programs like that rarelly yield the results that you hope for. The truth is, there really isn't any clear cut way to retrieve deleted text messages on an iPhone, but you may get lucky and retrieve a few of them.

I would definitely recommend doing a master reset of your iPhone. That is actually a better idea than my first thought, which was to restore as a new phone in iTunes. So maybe you should write the book! Or you could co-author it! :) I didn't mention this because I felt that it really wasn't necessary and would only complicate matters for you. But a master reset will definitely reset the phone back to factory condition and remove anything and everything that was installed on the phone. Most importantly, I'm sure it'll give you piece of mind.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Ha! I am not good at explaining things and I keep forgetting to spellcheck so I look like a ding-dong no one would listen to me!! I thought the master reset was done through iTunes ha ha (silent scream - baby is napping)!! I did see a reset choice on the phone but when I pressed it a screen popped up asking for some code. I also found a post that said some spyware programs are set to reload when a master reset is done. (WHY do I search the internet - for every answer there is always a counter-answer to unanswer your question and add five more questions??) But you said without the app the phone is not jailbroken and without being jailbroken there cannot be spyware so technically I shouldn't have anything to worry about so why don't I feel better??? ha ha I feel like I may be missing something... it could be too many days on this computer lost in questions leading to more questions. I saw there is a Facebook app here, I am on there (Billie Kellerhuis) if you are connected to that in any way! :)
Your explanations seem just fine to me. I understand you clearly. And your spelling is superb.

You can reset the phone via iTunes or by using the various reset options on the phone itself. If there is a passcode preventing you from doing so on the phone, then you'll have to use iTunes. iTunes will work just as well, but it's slightly more complicated. The passcode is an option that can be enabled on the phone as part of the parental controls, so that shouldn't alarm you.

I assure you, no spyware can be reloaded on the phone after a master reset (Erase All Content and Settings) has been done. There is nothing wrong with questioning my advice. I have nothing but admiration for someone who doesn't simply take someone's word for it. I myself have always been quite the inquisitive one. But I assure you that a master reset or restore via iTunes will erase any chance of there being any spyware on your iPhone.

Here is a link with step-by-step instructions for restoring the phone back to factory condition via iTunes: Restore iPhone via iTunes

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
You're awesome Mike you've been more help than you know! Thanks so much!!!
Thank you Billie... you've been one of the true pleasures to work with since I joined JA. I hope things work out ok for you.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Really???? ha You poor guy, I feel like I've been a huge pain in the butt! (I had more questions but I thought I better shut up before I get banned or something ha ha) I'm glad you are here, and this site is truly lucky to have your expertise! If you want to chat on Facebook (I joined recently and have found so many old friends, and made friends all over the world - it's an honestly friendly thing, not weird or anything) I promise I'll try not to ask too many questions... ha!!
Not at all! I'm glad I could help. Unfortunately, we're not permitted to contact customers outside of this website so we'll have to keep things here. But do feel free to come back should you need more help with this or any other issue. Thanks!
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Okay, sorry about that! I will definitely be back and again thanks so much!!