My cat is itching his neck alot, and there are red scabs on his neck from itching. fleas are completely eliminated, so

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Customer: my cat is itching his neck alot, and there are red scabs on his neck from itching. fleas are completely eliminated, so im not entirely sure. just looking for a possible answer or treatment until my vet can get him in
JA: The Vet will be able to help, and can answer any follow-ups you may have. Fleas can be tricky to get rid of, but the Expert can share some tips. What's the cat's name and age?
Customer: grant, 1 year old
JA: Is there anything else the Vet should know before I connect you? Rest assured that they'll be able to help you.
Customer: my other cats recently had eye irritation that i treated with terramycin. im not sure if the two are related but it might help
Answered by Dr. Amy Leigh in 2 mins 1 year ago
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Thank you for contacting JustAnswer with your questions. I'm sorry Grant is itching.

-My name is***** have over 20 years of experience as a veterinarian and am happy to help with your question.

-Veterinary Experts are able to provide general medical advice. We are NOT able to provide a diagnosis or prescribe medications. I can help you to determine if a veterinary visit is needed or if it seems reasonable to monitor and treat at home.

-You may be automatically prompted to consider a phone consultation for an additional fee. Unfortunately, I am not able to provide phone consultations. If you would like to continue the chat, just hit decline. If you would like a phone consultation, let me know and I will disconnect so you can speak with another Expert.

-I will do my best to respond to you as quickly as possible. Sometimes, my response may be delayed if I am helping other customers as well. I assure you that I will get back to you as soon as possible to answer all of your questions.

I'd like to ask you some questions so that I can provide the best advice possible


-Has Grant had issues with itching in the past?

-Is his housemate itching at all?

I just adopted him in August. Since then, he has started having skin issues, itching, random redness. Right now it has gotten worse because of the area of the irritation. He just keeps itching it
The other cats are not itching, they have only had eye irritation and watering

-Itching can be caused by many skin issues.

-Allergies can occur to food or substances in the environment. Cats can develop allergies to food even if they have been on the food for months to years. Typically, it is the protein in the food they are allergic to. Itching and scabbing will typically occur year-round with food allergies. Feeding a prescription hypoallergenic diet for 12 weeks can help to determine if food allergies are present. Over-the-counter limited ingredient or skin support diets are not likely to be helpful as there is a lot of cross-contamination that has been proven to occur with these diets.

-Environmental allergies, to pollen and dust mites, are also common. These tend to get worse in certain seasons. Sometimes, they may not change if the allergen is always in the environment. Generally, these allergies are diagnosed by the response to treatment. Steroids may also be helpful to decrease itching, but can have some serious side effects like thinning of the skin, elevated liver value, increased drinking, increased urination, panting, and hunger. Cats are particularly sensitive to steroids and can develop diabetes. Hypoallergenic sensitization shots are typically recommended for cats.

-Environmental allergies can be helped dramatically with twice-weekly bathing in an oatmeal shampoo. Wet the fur with lukewarm water, lather well, allow the shampoo to stay on the fur for 5-10 minutes. Rinse the fur very thoroughly to be sure all soap is removed.

-Fleas can cause itching and scratching. Cats can be allergic to flea bites, so it may not take very many to cause severe itching. It is best to be sure you are using a flea treatment that kills the adult, egg, and larval stages of the flea even if you are not seeing fleas.

-Skin mites can cause very intense itching. A skin scraping is needed to find the mites. Some types of mites can be very difficult to find, so your veterinarian may recommend treating mites even if they are not able to find the little critters.

-Fungal and bacterial infections of the skin can also occur. Bacterial infections can be diagnosed by getting an impression of the area and looking at it under the microscope. Fungal infections require a special culture of the fur.

-It is not possible to say which of the causes, or possibly other causes, is what is bothering Grant.

-I would recommend that you apply a flea medication as described above if you are not doing so routinely. Make sure that the flea medication is labeled to kill all life stages. Only use flea medications labeled for cats, her size, and age. Treat all the pets in the house for fleas.

-Bathe her twice a week as described above. Make sure to wait at least 3 days after applying flea medication to bathe.

-You can also try antihistamines, although they are only effective in about 25% of allergy cases. Typically, I start with Benadryl. This can be dosed at 1mg/lb (5mg for her size) three times daily.

-Adding fish oil or omega fatty acids to her diet may help as well.

-If the itching is not improving within 3-5 days, I would recommend that you have her evaluated by his veterinarian to see if other treatments may be helpful.

did the pictures i sent look like an allergy?

-It could be. Sadly, many skin problems look similar and are tough to tell apart without more testing/treatment.

alright, i will just wait it out until his appointment. i just dont want it to get infected or worse. theyre very thick scabs

-I did send you some recommedations to try to help with the itching until you get into your veterinarian.

Were you able to see those or should I re-send them?

I hope Grant was able to get an appointment. Please feel free you reach out if you have any questions.

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