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Samuel Peck
Samuel Peck,
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My dog and cats and I have cheyletiella mite/ walking

Customer Question

My dog and cats and I have cheyletiella mite/ walking dandruff mite. I just found it on my microscope. They were hard for the vets to find. Its taken 2 yrs!!! Ive read that theyre impossible to get rid off. Ive used permethrin on dogs/ lime sulfur dip, frontline plus, revolution, shampoos no help. I have bites all over me. They my animals get bites on their ears, What can i use to kill them in my home? My Furniture? On them? And they are on me constantly!!! Please help
Submitted: 3 months ago.
Category: Cat Veterinary
Expert:  Samuel Peck replied 3 months ago.
Greetings, I'm Dr. Peck, a small animal veterinarian in general practice. Hopefully I might be of some hope. A few minutes while I reply...
Expert:  Samuel Peck replied 3 months ago.
Cheyletiella is a fairly infectious mite among dogs and cats. Human infestation may occur as well. There are no licensed drugs for treatment, but multiple ascaricide medications are effective. Topical off label medications include Lyme sulfer dips, topical fipronil (frontline for cats), permethrin (not for cats), and amitraz (not for cats). Systemic off label medications include selamectin topical (revolution for cats), milbemicine oxime (by mouth), and ivermectin (injectable or by mouth).All animals in the household should be treated with one of these medications as directed by your veterinarian. Given you've been working with your veterinarian on this for 2 years, I'd suggest following up with them with your finding. Some of these medications can be prescribed as routine parasite control measures, so if you've been to your veterinarian within the past year they may be fine prescribing to you with a request over the phone. Other vets may require another visit, this varies with area.You may also contact an exterminator in your area to request aid in clearing them from your home, but controlling the issue on the animals is first priority to help with this issue.
Expert:  Samuel Peck replied 3 months ago.
Let me know if you have followup questions, simply write me back.Otherwise, please kindly rate using the stars, so that I receive credit for helping with your question today (this is how I receive compensation for my time on this site). Thanks! -Dr. Peck.
Customer: replied 3 months ago.
I mentioned half of the meds you put. Also my vet didnt find anything on the scraping test. I found the mite the 2 nd year of going thru this w my animals. I also Have it so i asked what I should take so it doesnt keep going around. And what I should do about my furniture? Pest control doesnt work.
Customer: replied 3 months ago.
Sorry but you clearly didnt read what I typed.
Customer: replied 3 months ago.
Good day