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I am concerned because of the heat here today and the

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I am concerned because of the heat here today and the infection from the burst abscess that dehydration will make him dehydrated and confused and he might wander off and not find his way home (He wont wear a collar)

Hi again,

That is a possibility, but the chances are that your boy Monkey is hiding not too far from home, still within his territory. If you can head out to search via flashlight again to search in bushes and surrounding neighboring properties (with permission) I think it would be worth it. The chances are that he will find water and drink long before he becomes dehydated, but that will also depend on just how bad he is feeling, and how easy it might be for him to find water (along with how hot it currently is).

Hopefully he has a microchip so that if he does wander outside of his territory and become lost (that is very unlikely), that if he is found and taken into a shelter or vet clinic, than can scan him and reunite him with you.

Please see if you can leave a window open for him ( or just make sure his cat door is unlocked if he has one ) so he can wander back inside if he does come home.

All the best with Monkey,

Dr E

Customer: replied 9 days ago.
No micro chip but he will be getting one after this! Thank you for your reassurance. I really needed it!

No problem and I will have my fingers crossed for you overnight! If he doesn't come home overnight, the best next step is to follow up with all of the surrounding neighbours.

Sorry I can't currently take a live phone call!

All the best,

Dr E

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Customer: replied 9 days ago.
Thanks and have a great night,

No problem at all. Hopefully you can get some sleep and charge on with your search first thing tomorrow morning.

Dr E

I'm just following up on our conversation about Monkey. How is everything going?
Pet Doc
Customer: replied 4 days ago.
My kitty was found and underwent surgery, has two drains, antibiotics, and an e collar. The vet won't prescribe any calming agents and nights are terrible! He wants to go outside which of course he can't so he runs up the curtains and has loud howling sessions and scratches at the windows, and cries. It is heart wrenching. He is neutered but is spraying things as well. He was an outside kitty from birth. His surgery was on Tuesday but they won't see him until Monday. I live alone and getting no sleep?

Hi again,

Great to hear you found him and that you had him treated! It really will be best to keep him inside until things heal up, but if it isn't working at home, then it may actually be best for him to stay in the vet clinic until the drains can come out and the e-collar can come off. If that's not possible, then you're actually probably best to keep him confined to one room for now with a litter tray, water, food and a bed - perhaps a bathroom or laundry? If you can source it from your local vet or pet store, also look at getting some Feliway to try and calm him -

All the best with your boy and I hope he makes a quick recovery so he can go outside again!

Dr E

Customer: replied 4 days ago.
He sleeps on my bed and the vet does not have over nights. I will look for Feliaway in the morning. I just hate seeing him suffer and he cries so much (only at night) Thanks again.

No problem at all.

Dr E