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The past 3 weeks my 6 year old female Siamese mix haired cat

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The past 3 weeks my 6 year old female Siamese mix long haired cat has lost a lot of weight. Three weeks ago she went out hunting all day, came home with dead mice and a shrew and would eat a little Friskies canned food. The past 2 weeks she will not go out is eating like a horse acting like she is starved to death and has lost so much weight her bones are sticking out. She is drinking well and is having formed stools and urinating ok. I am worried sick.

Thank you for using Just Answer. My name is Rebecca; I am a veterinarian. Please give me a moment to type my answer.

I am sorry to hear you are worried about Sophia Anna. I am also worried about a cat that has lost that much weight.

Cats that hunt can pick up internal parasites. Not all internal parasites are worms, and most are microscopic in size. The only way to know if she has worms or other parasites, would be to have a test on a stool sample done.

There is a condition called hyperthyroidism that makes cats eat a lot but lose weight. Usually it is seen in older cats, but it can happen at any age. It can be easily diagnosed with a blood test, and is treatable.

Pancreatitis and intestinal disease and liver disease can all make a cat lose weight; having some blood tests done might help figure out why she is losing weight.

I would start with a test on a stool sample, and continue to an examination and blood tests if there seem to be no parasites. Please let me know if this is helpful, and what other questions you may have.

Customer: replied 9 days ago.
Thank you, ***** ***** a vet appt. in the morning, would it be helpful to take a stool sample with me on top of test my vet does?

You are welcome! I would take a stool sample along to be checked for parasites, since she is a hunter.

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Customer: replied 9 days ago.
Thank you!

You are welcome; please let me know what you find out. Thanks for the great rating!

Hi Regina,

I'm just following up on our conversation about Sophie Anna. How is everything going?