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Dr. B.
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My cat was diagnosed with bladder stone yesterday. The vet

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My cat was diagnosed with bladder stone yesterday. The vet ran a bunch of tests, his heart, bloodwork, everything was fine. According to my online research, if the stone is big enough, it's an energency but the vet didn't make it seem as it was. I'm at another vet, emergency hospital right now because the 1st vet recommended this vet as follow up. They gave him fluids, pain meds and we are about to go home. I just want to know what is there to do to make it better for him? Do you just wait for yhe stone to pass or do you have to wait and see if it gets better by changing his diet? How do you keep the pain minimized?

Hello & welcome, I am Dr. B, a licensed veterinarian and I would like to help you today.

In regards ***** ***** question, bladder stones are an urgent situation for kitties but are only an absolute emergency if the cat cannot pass urine.

So, if he can pass urine and the vets have confirmed that it is a bladder stone that can be dissolve with diet, then you can monitor closely and treat with the diet. That said, if the stone is massive, if it potentially could obstruct the urethra an prevent urine or he is painful; then surgery often is indicated to remove the stone. Of course, we then follow that with diet to ensure no more stones are made by his body. So, both are potential avenues of treatment but it just depends on the stone type and those aforementioned concerns. Otherwise, while we'd hope that the pain relief he has had at the ER will last at least 24 hours, if he is sore then they can dispense oral anti-inflammatories or Buprenorphine for you to take home and give to keep him comfortable as you try to dissolve this with diet. But again if he has any of those above concerns or you want to be more aggressive with treatment, the stone can be removed surgically for him.

Kind regards,

Dr. B.


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Customer: replied 3 months ago.
Thank you for your quick response. He just peed so that is confirmed. The ER didn't tell me if the stone could be dissolved or not. I don't think they know that for sure. They gave him a shot of Buprenorphine for pain. And he's got anti-inflammatory shot yesterday.. What kind of test do you run to confirm if the stone can be dissolved or not? And to determine the type and size of the stone? As long as he is peeing, is it safe to assume things are getting better? Can I ask the vet to dispense pain meds if I think he's in pain or discomfort?