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Dr. Gary, Cat Veterinarian
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I will try to keep this brief. My cat- female, spayed, 14 y

Customer Question

I will try to keep this brief.
My cat- female, spayed, 14 y 11 mo old. In October she had her 6 month check up. Doc said that she was fine, thought she had asthma. Her belly was clipped in order to get a urine sample. I called the vet when we got home, because it looked like she caused an abrasion. 3 weeks ago we went to the ER, vet was treating for possible UTI but after clipping her belly advised that we watch what appeared to be a rash/bumps. She received a prednisone injection and convenia. She went to her vet last week for 6 month check up, biopsy of mammary tissue, urinalysis, and blood work. Since our ER trip, she has continued to have accidents, and is urinating extremely frequently. The vet said the biopsy results were inconclusive, and the lab work was unremarkable. However, she said it is likely to be cancer, and that cancer is not treated aggressively in cats. I disagree. I volunteer in a shelter, and have used their oncologist for my other cats. However, my concern is that her kidneys may be compromised, unless the irregular values are from the inflammation. I just want to have an idea of whether I should push for surgical resolution, or whether it is likely it has metastasized (if it is cancer- whatever it is has grown at an incredibly rapid rate). One of the red flags for me, was that the vet kept stating how much weight Rudy has gained since her last visit- stating she gained "alot". Rudy hasn't gained any weight at all. Depending on how much she is urinating, her weight hovering between 11 and 11.75, and I told her that in the office. The chart records even show the weight remaining as 11.75.
Submitted: 4 months ago.
Category: Cat Veterinary
Expert:  Sarah Snow replied 4 months ago.


I am Dr. Snow, and I can try to help you with Rudy. Are we dealing with a possible mammary cancer? I just want to make sure I have the information correct.

Also, you said her lab work looked unremarkable, so what values are abnormal that make you concerned about her kidneys?