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Dr. Meghan Denney
Dr. Meghan Denney, Cat Veterinarian
Category: Cat Veterinary
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Experience:  Veterinarian at Kingsland Blvd Animal Clinic
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He hasn't eaten properly for over a week now. I could get

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he hasn't eaten properly for over a week now. I could get him to eat little bits of wet food or tuna for the last little while but the last couple of days he barely eats that
JA: I'm sorry to hear that. The Veterinarian will know if the cat will be able to digest that. What is the cat's name and age?
Customer: Albert, approx 10yrs
JA: Is there anything else the Veterinarian should be aware of about Albert?
Customer: he had diarrhea for over 2 weeks, and hasn't been eating hard food for at least 2 weeks. I have very limited medications and no vet at my disposal
Hi I'm Dr Denney. I'm so sorry to hear Albert isn't feeling well. So you are unable to take him to
A veterinarian? The reason I am
Asking is because it sounds like he needs some diagnostics run to figure out what is wrong. I am worried.
The diagnostics would enable a vet to figure out what is wrong. Bloodwork would help tell us if his kidney, liver or pancreas function is adequate. I am
Also worried because the diarrhea for 2 weeks could be suggestive of an infiltratice disease in his intestines (something growing where is does not belong).
Infiltrative *
Customer: replied 7 months ago.
I'm up north where the closest vet or drug store is a 3 hr plane trip away. I only have basic human medications available to buy (although I might be able to ask the health center up here for basic supplies they might carry ), and limited food options. He's been eating dry cat food, and wet food for small dogs as a way to give him extra moisture. We've recently gotten him some wet food for cats but like I said before he hasn't been eating it. I just got him to have maybe a teaspoon if tuna water tonight and he threw it back up. He's straining in the litter box several times a day as well even though he isn't pooping. and today his muscles seemed to be cramping, just while lying downis there at least something I can give him to help his stomach settle
Customer: replied 7 months ago.
I don't have working Mic on my computer or else I would do the call
his stomach doesn't seem to be making much noise, he seemed a little stuffed up yesterday but otherwise his breathing seems normal
Yikes ok. We really need
To get him some
Help. We are restricted what I can tell you here because I cannot perform a physical exam on him.
Where are you located ?
Also If you have a cell phone you can login from your phone and then I can call.
Customer: replied 7 months ago.
We're in Nunavut and cell phones don't work in our location. It would be expensive to travel to the city to see a vet and I would prefer to avoid that because we don't have the money for a plane ticket right now.
Is there anything I can look at about him, or any details you can ask me about so that I can help him?what I really need to know is if there are any safe human medications that I can give him a reduced dosage of to help ease his discomfort. I also need to know what to do if the medication doesn't help him as much as it is supposed to/at all.
The issue is that without seeing your cat I can't prescribe anything. You can check hydration by touching his gums. If they are sticky and dry he is dehydrated and if you have a human doctor who would be willing they could give him subcutaneous fluids. He could have a blockage in his intestines he could have kidney disease he could have something horrible like cancer. Any medication given without knowing what
Is going on can just
Make him so much worse. I know this is frustrating. You can try mirolax 1/8 teaspoon in some yogurt if you think he is constipated , but if he is still
Having diarrhea and he is straining with that the
Mirolax will make things so much worse. You can get a respiration rate by counting his breaths per minute and a heart rate by placing your hand over his chest and feeling and counting beats per
You can also check
His temperature recrally with some lubricant on the tip. That can be hard to do without someone holding for you
Customer: replied 7 months ago.
I'll do all of that, and see if I can get him subcutaneous fluids. If I can at least get him properly hydrated that would be a startRealistically, how long can I wait before having to decide whether I have to fly him out to a vet?
Is there a decent chance of him getting better on his own from here, or is he too sick to get better without help?
Maybe a day. I am
Just really concerned that he has something serious going on. He may not have a day. I don't think he will improve on his own. From everything you have told
Me it's not good and he needs help. I know it has to be so hard being far away for veterinary care, but I really think he needs
To be seen. I am so sorry I can't do more.
I will keep you guys in my thoughts good luck. When you get a chance please accept
My answer and give a rating. Hoping for the best for your cat.

Hi its Dr Denney I just wanted to check in and see how your cat is doing.

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