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Sarah Snow
Sarah Snow,
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I live in Phoenix, AZ and returned Monday, Jan 2 from a week

Customer Question

.I live in Phoenix, AZ and returned Monday, Jan 2 from a week long car trip to and from Colorado. I traveled with my two, 6 y/o, females cats(litter mates), whose names are***** During the trip they became quite chilled and Clementine developed a URI with sneezing and exudate from her eyes and nose that resolved in 4 days with the aid of a 1/4 tsp sodium ascorbate that I added to her food time a day. Coraline did not exhibit any upper respiratory symptoms but began to assume a posture where her back was flat (parallel to the floor) and her legs were in a crouched position. She seemed to forcefully struggle by hacking to expel something (mucous?) from her lungs. That occurred for about three days and these episodes became increasingly frequent until they were occurring every hour. On the fourth day, I took her to a vet who said she looked "OK" and her lungs sounded clear. I disagreed as I thought I heard a slight inspiratory crackle but took her home. By midnight, the same day, her lung sounds grew increasingly evident so I took her to a 24 hr emergency Vet who prescribed 1.5 ml Clavamox (62.5 mg) every 12 hrs. After the first two doses she coughed up more than 2 tablespoons dried amber colored and wet, creamy yellow colored mucous but continued to decline by all other measures. Her breathing has become labored and she began to mouth breath. She has crackles on inspiration and expiration, she has stopped cleaning herself and will not eat or drink. This morning, I took her to another Vet who prescribed Veraflox and is keeping her in an oxygen tent until 5 pm this evening. I am very concerned as the information I have been able to locate on Veraflox indicates that it is used for dermatological issues and upper respiratory infection. I am convinced it is a lower respiratory infection and I am worried that I might be wasting precious time using the wrong antibiotic. I am also wondering if she would benefit from a shot of Dexamethasone. I would very much appreciate your thoughts and recommendations. Thank you for reading my lengthy explanation. Sincerely, Janice

Submitted: 7 months ago.
Category: Cat Veterinary
Expert:  Sarah Snow replied 7 months ago.


I am Dr. Snow, and I can try to help you here. Veraflox is a fluoroquinolone antibiotic, which is a class of drugs that is commonly used for pneumonia. It also is labeled for a specific bacteria called Mycoplasma, which can be found in cats. Generally, we don't use fluoroquinolone antibiotics alone when treating pneumonia, however, this particular fluoroquinolone (Veraflox) actually covers for a lot more times of bacteria than most. The other benefit is that it is generally easy to give.

I assume there were chest x rays taken to assess the lungs? How is she doing now?

Expert:  Sarah Snow replied 7 months ago.
Hi Janice,

I'm just following up on our conversation about Coraline. How is everything going?

Sarah Snow