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Cher, Feline Specialist
Category: Cat Veterinary
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Experience:  Feline Healthcare & Behavior Specialist 40+ years Experience
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Over the last 7-8 days our 3 year old female cat has been

Customer Question

Over the last 7-8 days our 3 year old female cat has been increasingly lethartic, reclusive and is eating and drinking less. She also seems to have trouble focusing. Any ideas?
Submitted: 8 months ago.
Category: Cat Veterinary
Expert:  Cher replied 8 months ago.

Hi, I'm Cher. Welcome to JustAnswer.

I'm reviewing your question now and will post back with your reply, shortly.

Expert:  Cher replied 8 months ago.

Hello again, Mike.

Is Kira spayed?

If she's having trouble focusing, do you mean literally, having trouble with her vision, or having trouble keeping on task, or staring blankly, not really aware of things around her?

Does she spend any time outside?

When was her last vet visit?

Is she using the litterbox as usual?

Is she an 'only-cat?'

Thanks for all your additional information and after you reply, please allow me a while to go through it and compose and send my answer.

Warmest regards,


Expert:  Cher replied 8 months ago.

Hello again, Mike.

I was hoping to get some additional information from you before answering, but I will send my answer now, and if you have any additional questions, just let me know.

Kira's symptoms are very generalized and can indicate various types of underlying medical conditions. If she spends any time outside, she could have gotten into a non-food item like some old food, a toxic plant or flower, etc. and this is causing her lethargy, reclusiveness, plus, adversely affecting her appetite. She could have ingested something she shouldn't have, inside the house, as well.

Is it possible that she found and ate a dropped tablet of human medication, food she shouldn't have had or any non-food item and you weren't aware of it?

It's possible that she has developed a respiratory or cardiac condition that is causing her increasing lethargy or she could have a bacterial or viral infection in her system.

Even if she is an indoor-only cat, she could have been stung or bitten by an insect or venomous spider inside or outdoors.

She sounds young for this, but a mini-stroke or brain tumor cannot be ruled out until she's seen by the vet.

Not eating or drinking at all or properly for even a short period of time, can cause dehydration and also cause a serious liver condition, so because this has been going on for a little over a week, it would be advisable to have her evaluated in person by her vet or an ER vet, to find the reason for her symptoms and have her treated, so she can start feeling better.

I hope all will be well with your Kira! Please let me know how she's doing and what the vet's findings are. Thanks!

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Warmest regards,


Customer: replied 8 months ago.
Kira,is our only and inside cat.She is spayed and declawed in front. Her vision is ok but she sometimes stares blanky.she keeps here food down, her cat box is normal
Expert:  Cher replied 8 months ago.

Hi again, Mike and thanks for your very helpful reply to my earlier questions.

As you saw, I made some suggestions in my answer, above and because she sometimes stares blankly, this could be associated with a neurological problem.

As I suggested, have her evaluated by the vet in person, have some lab work done and perhaps your vet will suggest a referral to a veterinary neurology specialist. Specialists can typically be found in ER vet hospitals or veterinary teaching colleges.

I hope you will be able to find out what's causing these symptoms--maybe she had a head trauma that you didn't witness--and once the problem is identified, she will be treated and feeling back to herself.

Please let me know if you found my answer helpful, and if so, please rate positively, so the website will credit me for my efforts and assistance. Thank you so much!

Warmest wishes,


Expert:  Cher replied 8 months ago.
Hi Mike,

I'm just following up on our conversation about Kira. How is everything going?