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Stray cat; lived in backyard most of his life. Large male

Customer Question

Stray cat; lived in backyard most of his life. Large male tuxedo, est age 14-16 yrs old. Not a pet but cared for. Within past 2 months appears to have gone completely blind. He wails loudly from time to time. I'm guessing it is due to fear and frustration, plus being alone as his long time companion died abt 2 yrs ago. His appetite is good and he drinks lots of water and still uses litter box OK. I often observe him moving in tight circles to his right, as if trying to find his way to some location? His hearing seems to be OK, also sense of smell. I estimate he weighs about 12# ***** overall looks good physically. He still grooms himself and suns himself both front and back in AM. He has access to a couple of warm oval shaped beds on back patio, but usually stays down in a "cave" under the patio slab. I've read internet articles that at this stage and condition they should be put to sleep...but not certain. He often moves his head up & down/side to side apparently trying to regain sight. What do you think?
JA: I'll do all I can to help. Could be a lot of things that cause lethargy. The veterinarian will know how to help the cat. What is the cat's name?
Customer: Felix
JA: Is there anything else the veterinarian should be aware of about Felix?
Customer: I can't think of anything other than I've read that sometimes the wailing which comes on with no apparent reason is often caused by a type of "feline dementia" and not uncommon in aging cats. He usually calms down when someone speaks to him and often softens his tone.
Submitted: 9 months ago.
Category: Cat Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. Gabby replied 9 months ago.

Hello. Thank you for asking your question. My name is***** will try to help.

Expert:  Dr. Gabby replied 9 months ago.

It really sounds like he is in distress. It is also not safe for a blind cat to live outside. I would put him to sleep for sure.

One thing I am thinking is he may have kidney disease. That is very common in cats as they age. It can cause high blood pressure which can cause the blood supply to the eye to be compromised which leads to loss of vision. It also causes an increase in thirst and urine output.

I think he is crying because he is afraid an distressed.

It sounds more like lit is related to the blindness than dementia.

Usually with dementia they have trouble using the litter box because they forget they know how to use it. They forget things like where there food is and who their people are as well as appropriate response to human interaction.

It sounds like he is in rough shape to me.

Usually animal control will euthanize at no charge. The SPCA and Humane Societies will euthanize at no charge or for a minimal donation.

Does that help? Do you have any additional questions?

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