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Dr. Gary, Cat Veterinarian
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Thank you for your response and thank you in advance. I am

Customer Question

Thank you for your response and thank you in advance. I am just hoping to have some help understanding his results. His blood and cytogenesis was drawn exactly a week a go today. He just had his second pill of 100 mg amoxicillin this morning. We have also given him approximated 150 mL subQ over the last week. I have no doubt that he has a UTI/CRF he has been drinking and peeing a lot more. I think he also has some nausea because his appetite is less and he tends to lick his lips more. I am just concerned at how the numbers fall and wonder if he should be tested for GI bleed/ mass. He has a history of mod-severe IBD. Or do these numbers correspond to CRF with UTI? More than anything I don't want to be wasting time if we should be doing some more tests. My vet is open today so I could probably get him if needed.Here are his values that either fall outside or are just on the cusp for the lab's ranges:
WBC 22.2 normal 3.5 - 16.0 X 10^3
RBC 5.9 5.92 - 9.93X10^6
Hemoglobin 9.6 9.3-15.9
MCHC 28.2 30-38
Neutrophils 73 35-75
Bands 0
Lynphocytes 19 20-45%
Absolut Neutrophils 16206 2500-8500
absolute bands 0
Absolute eosinophils 1332 0-1000
GGTP 1 1-10
Tot bilibrubin 0.1 0.1-0.4
urea Nitrogen 55 14-36
Creatinine 2.2 0.6-2.4
BUN/creatniine 2.2 0.6-2.4
phosphorus 7.7 2.4-8.2
triglycerides 40 25-160
amylase 1309 (###) ###-####
T4 4.2 0.8-4.0
specific gravity 1.015 1.015-1.060
trace protein
WBC 2-3 0-3 HPF
bacteria 51-100 none
culture - enterococcus species approx 100,000 colonies/mL final report 10/28/16
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Cat Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. B. replied 10 months ago.

Good afternoon,

Can you tell me if he is on anything for his nausea just now?

Has he had black stools or blood in stool?

Was the specific gravity tested at the same time the bacteria was detected?