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In July my cat ate somethings she shouldn't have. I took her

Customer Question

In July my cat ate somethings she shouldn't have. I took her to the vet they did an ultra sound and saw foreign objects in her stomach. She vomited them up over the course of a couple of weeks. She hasn't been the same since. I took her back to make sure everything was out of her system and her ultra sound the second time came back clean. They did blood work on her as well just to make sure everything else was ok and her blood work came out fine. Between July and now her vomiting hasn't stopped. In the last few weeks she doesn't have the appetite she once had. Prior to July she was a 14lb cat. She might weigh 8lbs. at this point if she's lucky. Over the last three days she's completely stopped eating. When she vomits it's bile. She still seems to be drinking water as her box still has urine in it daily. She's a 15 year old cat so I'm not sure if it's just age or if there is something truly wrong with her. She's still pretty spunky which is surprising for how much weight she's lost. You would think she wouldn't have the energy.
JA: I'm sorry to hear that. This sounds like it might be serious. I'll let the Veterinarian know what's going on ASAP. Is there anything else important you think the Veterinarian should know about your cat?
Customer: She may be under some stress as my boyfriend moved in a month ago with his dog. But this issue was happening way before they moved in. It may be a contributing factor though.
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Cat Veterinary
Expert:  Katie Volat replied 10 months ago.

Hello, this is Dr.KV. Welcome to JustAnswer. I am reviewing your question right now and will respond to you in just one moment...

Expert:  Katie Volat replied 10 months ago.

I am sorry to hear your kitty is not feeling well. It sounds like she has lost a significant amount of weight! And it is not good for her to be vomiting so frequently. Poor kitty!

I suggest taking her back to the vet for repeat bloodwork including thyroid testing, pancreatitis test (fPL) and a GI panel (cobalamin and folate).

She may have an inflammatory bowel disorder which can be treated with medications and a special diet.