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My 3 month old kitten seemed perfectly fine. I had seen him

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My 3 month old kitten seemed perfectly fine. I had seen him only minutes before and then I heard his struggle to breathe. I got up to see what it was and he was laying on his side paralyzed with blood coming from his left ear (not right) mouth, and nose. He was laying on the ear that was not bleeding. There were 2 pebbles of food on his chest (we keep the food in the kitchen & had just got him a new type the previous day). So I immediately rushed him to the vet where 10-15 minutes after the initial incident, while paralyzed he vommited and a few moments later died. Also about 24 hours prior my boyfriend walked to cat outside ( we live directly in a downtown city residential area) and swore he didn't see the cat eat anything. Could there have been immediate internal trauma from falling off the kitchen bar at his age? Or was it a poison? I loved him very much. Also can toxic plants cause this amount of bleeding/paralysis? He was perfectly normal, eating habits, affection, playfulness were all normal up until incident. Also our dog just came home for the first time since getting the cat & they seemed to be doing fine together. The vet didn't see any external injuries, and the dog is on the flea pill but was given it elsewhere. Also one last thing, we built him a very high cat tree and he fell from the top (above doorway height) and gave himself a concussion. He was out of it for a little while but bounced back almost immediately. This was 1 week prior. Please help! Thank you so much!!

Hi. My name is***** I'm very, very sorry to hear about this sudden loss of Magneto. It is absolutely hard to loose one and not know why. I'm going to be honest here and based on the clinical signs with the bleeding from ear, nose and mouth that suddenly makes me think of external trauma. I know the vet didn't see any signs of external injuries, but if something very heavy landed on his head / hit him on the head, this could cause all this and not necessarily cause outward signs. Could the dog have done this? I hate to say this, but that is on the rule out list. I've seen kittens injured in very similar ways from the resident dog being aggressive around food. I don't feel that this was a poisoning.

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
As much as I wasn't willing to believe that, it is clear to me that is what happened. My boyfriend said she acted very standoffish and guilty. Only until now am I realizing it's true. Thank you so much for your quick response!!! You eased my mind & the dog is living at his parents house from now on.

It is hard to think that such a thing could happen, but again, everything just seems to point towards trauma and if nothing was knocked over or there are no other possible parties, then the dog would again have to be a high suspicion. This is something that can happen. I honestly see something similar at my ER where it is the resident dog being aggressive with a new puppy over a food or a treat. My condolences go out to you and your family.

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